Thursday :: Jan 25, 2018

Trump Takes the Dreamers Hostage

by Deacon Blues

No one should be surprised that Trump's "offer" to take care of the Dreamers is nothing more than a hostage-taking, whereby Stephen Miller and John Kelly trade the lives of the Dreamers for drastic crackdowns on all immigrants to please the racist base of the GOP.

That's exactly what the White House proposed today, and Democrats should be glad that the Trump team was stupid enough to show their cards this far in advance of the February 8th government shutdown deadline. Democrats now have those two weeks to get their advocacy and messaging rolled out to explain to the electorate why the hostage-taking cannot be allowed to close the government, and why a separate vote like Mitch McConnell promised is required.

If Trump wants to please his base this badly with such a hostage-taking, he should make his own party walk the plank in selling it to voters so the electorate can see how racist and nativist the GOP has become. I'm guessing that Trump doesn't have the votes among his own Senate Republicans for this, so we may be headed for a shutdown in February that will only destroy the Republican Party this November.

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