Friday :: Feb 9, 2018

Women are Property to Trump

by Deacon Blues

So we've reached a point where the President heaps praise upon someone accused of beating two wives, yet allegedly expresses disappointment against the man's current girlfriend, the president's communications director for making the issue personal, and is disappointed with his Chief of Staff for how the situation was dealt with.

Isn't it clear that what really bothered Trump, and Kelly for that matter, was that there were pictures? If there hadn't been pictures, would Trump or Kelly care that Porter hit two wives and was a candidate to hit Hope Hicks, if he hasn't already?

There really is nothing surprising in the behavior of Trump, Kelly, or Hicks, nor is there anything surprising in the "look the other way" reaction from all female Trump cultists, including Kellyanne Conway. Women are property to all Trump males, and Conway would let her best friends be physically abused and demeaned as long as she herself stayed close to Dear Leader.

Democrats should simply ask openly "would you let your daughter or sister work in the Trump White House?"

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