Friday :: Feb 9, 2018

Setting In Motion His Own "Massacre"

by Deacon Blues

With the news this afternoon that Rachel Brand, the Number Three official at the Department of Justice is bailing out after only 9 months on the job, and the possibility that John Kelly will also get out after getting heat for Trump's coverup in the Rob Porter fiasco, we face the prospect if not the certainty that the president will in fact replay Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre.

That's because with Brand out of the way, Trump can now fire Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein, and order his next-in-line Solicitor General to fire Mueller, since Jeff Sessions is recused. And if Kelly is gone and replaced with toady Mick Mulvaney of the OMB and CFPB, there'll be no one to stop Trump from doing it.

So for those House and Senate Republicans like Lindsey Graham and others who said it wasn't currently necessary to pass legislation protecting the Special Counsel, it's time to choose sides: do we live in a democratic republic or a banana republic? Their answer to that question and Trump's likely "massacre" will decide the 2018 elections.

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