Sunday :: Feb 11, 2018

Are Dems Ready to Capitalize on Trump's Infrastructure Plan?

by Deacon Blues

Trump is set to finally release his infrastructure plan tomorrow, and as to be expected, there's no real money behind it.

The plan calls for investing $200 billion in federal money over the coming decade to entice other levels of government and the private sector to raise their spending on infrastructure by more than $1 trillion to hit the administration’s goal of $1.5 trillion in new funding over 10 years. It also seeks to dramatically reduce the time required to obtain environmental permits for such projects.

Two hundred billion in actual federal dollars? That's it?

Notice anything special about the total level of investment? That $1.5 trillion? It's about the cost of Trump's tax giveaway to the wealthy and Corporate America. Hmmm.

I hope the Democrats are ready to respond that their plan, released recently, is much better, and in need of funding without putting the cost onto workers and the middle class by way of a large gas tax increase, and without giving corporations any more tax incentives than the handouts they just got.

If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi don't see this as a huge opportunity to repurpose those recent tax giveaways into a way to largely finance actual infrastructure spending, something that a recent Quinnipiac poll found 87% support for, then both Chuck and Nancy need to step down. Make Wall Street and the wealthy pay for the $1.5 trillion in infrastructure spending, reverse their tax cuts, and make the GOP and Trump defend why handing them money for nothing is better.

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