Tuesday :: Feb 13, 2018

Focus on the Real Issues

by Deacon Blues

Progressives and MSNBC reflexively spend too much time focusing on Russia, Trump's credibility problem, and his women troubles. Sure, it's fun to see direct evidence that the White House did in fact lie about what it knew, and when it knew it about former aide Rob Porter's security clearance failures. The FBI confirmed today that the White House, going back to the time that Reince Priebus was Chief of Staff knew that Porter failed his background check, yet Donald Trump let him have access to classified material all this time. OK, so Trump is a liar and a security threat to this nation. We already know that.

What's not getting enough attention right now are several more important things. First, Trump's budget proposal yesterday is nothing more than a draconian statement of values that Democrats should be pouncing on and tying around the necks of every Republican member of Congress every day between now and November.

Second, the nation's intelligence community reconfirmed again today that our elections are under attack from Russia, and that the administration has done nothing about this, which in itself should lead to demands from Democrats for intelligence committee investigations. Oh wait, we supposedly already have those going on.

Third, we are about to see a new war in the Middle East, with an Israeli prime minister looking for any distraction he can get from his own legal problems. And yet America is willingly on the sidelines letting Russia run the show. It may be a brilliant Trumpian strategy to let Putin tie himself down in a no-win situation, or it may be a precursor to getting dragged into something that a competent president and administration could have avoided, had they only given a damn.

Sure, it's fun to talk about Trump's trouble with the truth, his trouble with Russia, and his treatment of women, but these aren't the real issues that need our attention. And every day the media and progressives fixate on those things is a day that Trump escapes accountability for real problems he has created.

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