Sunday :: Feb 25, 2018

Blundering Into the Unknowns of Catastrophe

by paradox

As citizens of the United States begin to realize with growing levels of horror that the President is an owned Russian money-laundering traitorous felon (“code red” is the word from New York) I have been of the vociferous opinion that Special Counsel Mueller is too methodically slow. The very worst that could ever happen to the Presidency is now upon us, file the charges as soon as possible to start the fix process.

I have completely given up on this mental stance, still making no apologies for the impatience. Americans are a notoriously hurry-up, can-do, get-the-accomplishment-filed people, we didn’t get to our place as a country waiting for it to happen.

But with a bewildered sorrow I have never felt before the realization has set in there is no fix process for the catastrophe currently engulfing the Presidency. What if Mueller indicts Trump and Pence and Kushner—which seems 100% likely at this point—and in a flaming process we can’t foresee they all resign or are led away in cuffs?

What then? Who replaces them? In a serious fantasy Trump comes to the realization he has weeks left, he asks for the resignation of Pence for the best caretaker Republican they have. Trump resigns, the caretaker becomes President and appoints a real VP and Executive branch that competently steers the country until a Democrat wins in 2020.

Oh man, that scenario is way, way out there from becoming any part of reality. I can’t think of one caretaker Republican I could trust to actually do it, let alone it actually happening. I am vividly reminded of a terrific Daily Kos diarist from last Fall, she’d set out on a fun winter journey and within a matter of seconds realized she was on a ice-road horror show of serious incline, only a crash could happen here, severity currently unknown. Here we go.

The President is currently a babbling lying idiot on Twitter, acting 100% guilty of treason (the word isn’t used lightly and is perfectly legally sound) and threatening the world with a North Korea war. Half the White House should be fired right now, they can’t get a security clearance. Warren Buffet is $27 billion richer and the planet a little warmer. We are completely stuck in this utter catastrophe--which could get much worse--for 3 years, assuming a Democrat wins in 2020.

The are very encouraging signs in multiple dimensions American democracy is mustering a massive citizen white cell army to counter the Republican virus, right, currently it’s complete feasible in reality for Democrats to take the House and Senate in 2018.

Even in that best-case scenario, what if they take a year to impeach Pence and Trump, assuming they’re still there? Again, who replaces those felonious traitors? Being criminals and traitors, what would really restrain them knowing they only have 24 months left politically?

Only a bad, terribly outcome can come of this. The President committed felonies in a act of treason to throw a national election. His congressional buddies got Russian help too and are now traitors themselves as they enable the Ivan plant. The American democracy has been trashed and lost, that is the plain truth.

That very nice man who aired commercials calling for the Traitor President to be impeached gave up on it, not surprisingly with Mafioso family guy Paul Ryan as Speaker. He’s now committed to registering young voters in the wake of our latest school shooting horror.

Herein lies whatever hope the American democracy has left in getting it back, registering and getting our people to vote. American participation rates have been an absolutely searing disgrace for decades, and if there’s any chance to get the country back this has got to stop, Democratic Party leadership has got to make it an all-out priority this year to get new voters registered and in the booth.

That nice millionaire man sees it, Mr. Schumer, do you? Show me, show the country you see the solution and are willing to massively spend and fight to get the country back.

With real participation rates we can easily take back Congress and the Presidency, god, we could be a representative democracy again.

I signed up for a postcard campaign, but it’s primary season, it doesn’t work, I’ll have to wait until the foul NRA Republicans are running.

I’m recovering from two nasty illnesses in my life, my resources are very limited. I’ll write, send postcards, try to be a speechwriter. Fearfully watch the country tumble into one catastrophe after another, hoping we can re-build the democracy from whatever terrible crash becomes of this.

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