Saturday :: Mar 3, 2018

What I Want Most of All

by paradox

Out of a sense of duty to country and first amendment I subscribed to the New York Times and Washington Post last week. Putting aside their vast issues of incompetence and mismanagement it’s still vitally important for the country to have thriving, viable journalism living fully within the first amendment, it’s worth my tiny investment to subscribe.

I was obnoxious about it, of course, even though I was forking over hard-earned cash I let them know it wasn’t for them, it was for country. This heinously stupid stance of we didn’t do anything! regarding Election 2016 grossly diminishes us all but here, here’s a subscription, redemption and growth are elements that reside in all of us. Right?

After a vicious paragraph to the New York Times I put my knife away, for I knew eventually a human being would be staring at a screen, see the mail and read it. He or she had nothing to do with the flaming mess of their institution, it was a job to do in a day in a life in America, I’d been in that precise same spot, sitting in a corporate chair reading contact us email.

With all the grace and compassion I could muster I wished that person well, that they had a safe journey home for a good evening with their family.

Why do I do this? Since the election I can hardly sleep worth a damn, I give away butt-loads of money to liberal causes, I desperately scan Daily Kos every morning with a hope of any progress, any sign that my cherished United States isn’t morphing into a fascist state right in front of us. I’ve alienated anyone who voted for Bernie and spit fire at the clumsy, clueless snotty journalists who helped get us here. What’s in it for me, could this possibly be worth it?

Well, I wish for many political things, but what I want most of all is what I told that employee at the New York Times. That all of our people engage an American life however they so choose and then go home to a safe, warm, clean decent place. The food, clothes, and transportation are affordable, there is no horribly grinding worry and anxiety about money or fear of the future.

All of this so that children are cherished and educated to the very best of our American ability. No, I don’t dream of conquering tank divisions, missions to Mars or becoming wealthy, I dream of a wealthy country that cherishes its children and their working families before all else. After that is firmly prioritized I’ll talk aircraft carriers.

Why is that? Well, I’m sad to say that was not my American childhood experience. I want as many children as possible spared of what I went through, that’s the base reason I’m here, why I perform all my political actions.

Equality and tolerance rule, if you’re gay or trans in a committed relationship and want children of course that’s fine. Respect and admiration of the working man and woman rule even more, a minimum wage tracks with inflation so that no one works and is poor, and good wages grace the rest of the working force.

Health care is completely affordable and available, public transportation to get to the clinic or hospital for vaccines totally accessible. Huge resources are devoted to public schools and education, it’s amazing what a country can do without 10 aircraft carriers and $27 billion tax giveaways to Warren Buffet.

Domestic violence finally comes out of the closet and becomes as much a scourge as polio, and just as eradicated. If something goes wrong there are real, viable avenues of escape that won’t leave you trembling and destitute at a shelter with very little hope for the future.

The country is amazingly electric with no exhaust fumes anywhere. Our children can finally breathe and be bestowed a planet we didn’t fry out of arrogant stupidity and fear.

All of this so that New York Times employee can go home and have a small, quiet evening nourishing and being with her family, the small things of life done well in an un-rushed eight hour workday, children happy doing their homework or playing games

None of our families, anywhere in this country, not one member goes home to a cold, unsafe place of destitution. Jobs and healthcare and transportation and education and equality made a warm, safe nourishing place for all of our children that day. That is what I want most of all.

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