Wednesday :: Mar 7, 2018

Democrats Use Trump Tax Cuts for Infrastructure Plan - Bravo!

by Deacon Blues

Back on February 11th, after Trump rolled out his limp infrastructure plan than had only $200 billion in real spending over ten years and no actual jobs, I argued that Senate Democrats should pounce on that decrepit plan and roll out a real infrastructure plan, and change the tax cut debate by repurposing the Trump tax cuts into infrastructure funding.

Today, I'm pleased to say that Chuck Schumer did exactly that, and set in motion a winning message for the midterms, whereby the Democratic Party can tell voters they can keep their middle class tax cuts and get 15 million new jobs along with big infrastructure spending, while Republicans want to keep corporate and wealthy tax cuts and offer almost no jobs and spending.

Take your pick. And as evidenced by the pathetic GOP response from both the White House and the Senate, along with the lame response from a corporate front group, the GOP message will lose this fall. Given that a recent poll showed nearly 90% support for major infrastructure spending, Democrats should be pounding this reframing of the tax cut debate every day until November.

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