Friday :: Mar 9, 2018

A Legacy of Service and Sacrifice

by paradox

Perusing the New York Times the last ten days two immediate government observations stay with me, the first that despite all the ferocious bluster and posturing around nuclear North Korea the United States has no ambassador to South Korea.

Despite not having a security clearance that disturbingly smirking Jared Kushner just met with high government officials of Mexico, yet the ambassador to Mexico—an amazingly qualified woman with 30 years of experience—was shut out of the meetings.

What in the name of our universe is this fresh hell? Previous Republican hypocrisy in their absurd goal of Small Government was always uncomfortably accepted, everyone knows it’s just a mouthy fantasy to cover their adoration for parts of big government they like. Plus the ability to hand out huge capitalism plums to their pals, government is very good for that too.

They’d call for the abolition of the Education Department and then happily staff it given the chance—these were government jobs of prestige that advanced Republican careers. My god ambassadors were some of the most sought-out government positions ever, overseas living of such cherry existence it can hardly be imagined.

Yet these modern Russian plant Republicans actually disdain and spit upon our government to the point they won’t even use ambassadors. They really hold disgust for the parts of government they don’t like and throw it in the trash can in plain sight, how could this have happened to us?

Not normal and extremely alarming and immediately hurtful and embarrassing to all of the people of the Unites States, yes. It keeps me up at night (it’s 0346 in California) and has the Democratic Party in a midterm frenzy I have never seen before, but there's another element here that has me burning in a slow fury.

The government of the United States of America is built upon a vast heritage of human sacrifice and service. To see it defiled so is one of the most filthy public acts we have ever seen, and we will stay in that midterm frenzy so it never happens again.

Primary in this foundation of sacrifice is the death and maiming of our soldiers in battle defending our country. Approximately half a million in the Civil War, 335,000 I WWII just for starters, you can’t appoint and employ ambassadors with those souls of sacrifice in our legacy?

Time was when only the very best and brightest even thought of trying for government service, you had to be that good to get in. I kid you not, George Stephanopoulos was held in total awe by legions of Georgetown young people as a government worker of amazing brilliance and ability.

You had to have it totally together to get into government with transcripts, plus a demonstrated ability to have it civically and physically together. We always knew the very people of our people were in the service of a government they believed in. They easily could have become capitalism gods but service to country was better.

To see this defiled and spit upon with indifference fills me with a dismay I never thought I’d feel and will never, ever forget. How many mornings have I desperately kept it together and pressed on, knowing countless American men and women sacrificed their bodies and souls for me to be here?

So many I couldn’t begin to guess. Know this, David Nunnes, you and your little frog friend Mitch McConnell, you defile and spit upon the souls of the people who gave everything for us to be proud happy Americans. The people of the United States will never, ever forget it, and your midterm hell of vengeance is almost upon you.

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