Tuesday :: Mar 13, 2018

Dismissing Tillerson, Trump Gives Foggy Bottom to the Koch Brothers

by Deacon Blues

With Donald Trump's classless dismissal of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State today, you can be sure that the Iran nuclear deal is dead. A war with Iran is on the horizon, and no one in the White House will stand up to Trump to stop him.

While Beltway types rush to sing Mike Pompeo's praises today as Tillerson's replacement at State, remember that it was only two short years ago that Pompeo was just another House GOP nutcase fixated on spreading false Benghazi rumors, and who was just last week spreading falsehoods about Trump and Russia. Trump's move today signals the beginning of a purge where he restocks his team with sycophants and groupthink, thereby letting Trump be Trump again as he switches back into campaign mode 24/7/365 with still almost 3 years left in his term.

Next to go will be National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster, who will be shuffled out of the White House into a 4-star command somewhere, to be replaced by cable TV crazyman John Bolton. Then add departed National Economic Council chair Gary Cohn being replaced by faux economist and cable TV idiot Larry Kudlow, and then the replacement of AG Jeff Sessions by any willing idiot and enabler, what you'll have is a cabinet that enables Trump. And one that enriches the Koch brothers.

Imagine a situation this summer where Trump has torn up the Iran deal with Pompeo and Bolton's full support, and with the walls closing in from the Mueller investigation, he decides to start a war. Do you really think a team of NSA Bolton, Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney as Chief of Staff, woebegone UN ambassador Nicky Haley, and even Mattis at Defense will stop Trump? And this assumes that Mattis is still there, if he doesn't follow through on the purported "suicide pact" between him and Kelly now that the first domino, Tillerson, has been dispatched.

Me neither. And if the Koch brothers want a war with Iran, they now have their own Secretary of State to deliver it for them.

Update, Wednesday: And now Vanity Fair's excellent Gabe Sherman confirms what we said yesterday, which is that Trump's next move will be against McMaster and Sessions. It'll set off a reaction that Trump doesn't see coming nor care to understand.

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