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Book Review: Troll Nation by Amanda Marcotte

by paradox

Troll Nation
How the Right Wing Became Trump Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat Fucking Liberals, America and the Truth Itself
Amanda Marcotte
Forward by David Talbot
Skyhorse Books
Library of Congress data in process.
Print ISBN: 978-1-5107-3745-7
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-5107-3746-4

Readers of my blogging work over the years may have noticed a rather salient fact: I rarely write about Republicans or choose a paradigm that completely mocks them. Why is that?

Well, there’s the principle one should have one’s house in order before shouldering the arrogance of criticizing others. As Election 2016 showed us there’s a long way to go in Democratic Party performance, unity and goals.

Then there’s the media and social environment surrounding the Party and issues, there’s an enormous amount of work to do just trying to keep truth in the media platforms and reminding our somnolent, sheepish journalists what their job and duty to county is.

But by far the primary factor in ignoring Republicans is that they’re absolutely hopeless to any dissuasion or persuasion, they hate me and my Party with a fierce nuclear burn borne out of immensely powerful forces of racism, sexism, and authoritarian repression. A Republican wouldn’t trust me for a second to harbor truth or believe my values are held for others and country, not myself.

The thesis of Troll Nation is that the Republican Party has over the last 40 years morphed into a political entity with a sole purpose of persecuting and provoking the hated liberals, completely abandoning any coherent political philosophy—even the truth itself—in their singular goal of sticking it to the liberals, no matter the obvious eventual disastrous consequences.

It’s like Sam Kinison in Back to School, okay, when the blonde spits out the classic propaganda line on Vietnam. Is she right?

Ms Marcotte commences with a ruthless dissection of Republican Party obsession with political correctness—in reality just an immense chafing at their societal rejection of racism and sexism---along with their stances on women, the environment, healthcare, guns, race, and vulgar acceptance of conspiracy theories, all of it is driven by a hatred of liberals, not a coherent policy stance.

What does the Republican Party bulid? Nothing but a defense department, any other vision for the country is thwarted by racism, sexism or repression, they have nothing else. They build nothing, help no one, advance freedom nowhere and salivate at looting the treasury, social security and education funding, despoiling the environment all the while.

To get to this viciously ugly, sad spot in American history required decades of slimy, lying Rush Limbaugh propaganda that set up liberals as the hated Other, they were source of America’s problems, not the inherent issues or environment itself.

The Republican Party has abandoned the truth in their grossly punitive efforts to thwart liberalism, any doubt of the fact is obliterated by the Trump election itself, this disgusting lying felon was foisted upon us all with no guiding principle except to sticking it to the liberals and their snotty elite media friends, damn American journalism and its flirtations with truth.

Given complete power over the American government in the last 16 months, what have the Republicans done? Loot the treasury and bloat Defense more, nothing else. Nothing.

There is no solution to turning the Republican Party around or making them adhere to the truth, they are completely lost in a fantasy of lies and propaganda, they’re never voting or believing in liberal principles, any attempt at converting them is a complete waste time.

The only solution is to unify the Democratic Party base somehow and drastically get the voter participation rate up. Only then are consistent national and state election wins possible to keep this horribly ugly, depressing American political element contained to an acceptable degree.

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