Monday :: May 21, 2018

Trump's SCOTUS Guts Worker Rights

by Deacon Blues

There's already been a good deal of teeth-gnashing in the last half hour over the collective impact of SCOTUS's gutting today of the National Labor Relations Act, to allow a 1925 federal arbitration law to override class-action litigation resulting from labor-law violations. By a 5-4 vote, with Trump nominee Gorsuch writing the lead opinion, the court sided with employers and against the rights of employees and the FDR-era law, in mandating that individual employees must sue on their own to prevent employers from violating federal and state labor law.

Of course the remedy and political angle is quite clear: employees can overcome the pernicious effects of this ruling by joining a union. Similarly, Democrats can target red-state working class voters with a message that their hero, Mr. Trump, just took away their employment rights and turned those cultists into slaves to their bosses. Is that Making America Great Again?

I hope the sheeple are happy today. I know Trump and his tax cut-grifting donor class are giddy at this bludgeoning.

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