Wednesday :: Aug 8, 2018

Stalling for September

by Deacon Blues

I hope that Robert Mueller's team realized months ago that Rudy and Trump have been doing nothing but running out the clock towards September with their alleged "negotiations" towards any presidential interview with the Special Prosecutor's office.

It's been clear to me for weeks now that Giuliani thinks that Mueller will adhere to the DOJ practice (up to Comey anyway) of not inserting themselves into anything 60 days prior to an election that may affect the outcome. Rudy assumes that all he has to do is hold Mueller off until as close to Labor Day as possible, thereby counting on Mueller to not then subpoena Trump for his grand jury testimony in the weeks leading up to the election. Rudy, I believe, actually thinks the energy and rationale for the inquiry dissipates after the midterms, because he has falsely believed that the only reason for Mueller's inquiry was to damage Trump and the GOP.

Let's hope Mueller has other plans.

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