Thursday :: Aug 9, 2018

Democratic NonVoters Gave 2016 to Trump

by Deacon Blues

The Pew Research Center released a report today on the 2016 election which confirmed one important suspicion: the people who put Donald Trump into office were not his base across those three key states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Instead, it was the nonvoters in the 2016 election who did so. And guess who they were?

Compared with validated voters, nonvoters were more likely to be younger, less educated, less affluent and nonwhite. And nonvoters were much more Democratic.

And Phillip Bump of the Washington Post makes a point about these results that should be remembered for 2020:

Clinton nonetheless won the popular vote. But an increased turnout of under-30 voters in, say, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan could easily have changed the results of the history.

I'll resist the clear implication here that perhaps too many Bernie Sanders' voters stayed home on Election Day and delivered the White House to Trump because those young, disillusioned darlings just couldn't bring themselves to vote for Hillary, especially after Vladimir Putin and the RNC told them on Facebook to stay home after James Comey kneecapped her.

But the other takeaway here is that the next time you see or hear a pundit tell you that Trump can win again in 2020, remember that getting these nonvoters off their asses in those three states will ensure that they, plus the college-educated and suburban women across the country will instead guarantee a Democratic landslide.

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