Sunday :: Aug 19, 2018

Faint Hope for a Trump Resignation

by paradox

As the easily possible Democratic Party takeover of the House of Representatives looms ahead of us it’s a perfectly good mental and political question to ask of what to do with our orange felon Russian plant of a President if we win: impeach him or not?

Already the question has gelled Democrats into two camps, the Pragmatists and the Impeachers. Markos Moulitsas and Amanda Marcotte are firm pragmatists, we’ll know impeachment is a vast mountain of an issue we’ll just ignore and then start, or impeachment won’t be chosen because serious ongoing political damage is enough, impeachment isn’t an option with a certain Senate loss.

The Impeachers are currently lead by feisty billionaire Tom Steyer, he got serious about getting voters to the polls and he, along with more than a few House Democrats who have already filed for impeachment, are never going to accept such an acquiescence to felony in not impeaching Trump.

Before the impeachment issue is addressed it’s worth ruefully noting what a clunky dysfunctional political mechanism the US constitution is, in desperate need of many fixes. Political junkies have always had a primary debate about the constitution, it’s a noble liberal breakthrough document written by Democratic little-people heroes, or a sickly patriarchal, authoritarian grab with laughingly weak overtures to real Democracy and equality.

But when it comes to base Democratic functionality there is no debate at all. It’s like Alicia Silverstone in Blast from the Past, right, when she’s talking about marriage to Brendan Frasier, US constitution functionality bites. The Big One, twice already in the 21st century the Presidential election failed, the installments of Bush and Trump catastrophes of unimaginable scope and dimension.

Impeaching a President is also woefully lame, there is no mechanism at all for replacement, there’s just this hugely cloudy assumption that somehow a Democratic succession takes place without an election. It just spits out Vice Presidential succession, in our current nightmare that virulently sycophantic and slimy Mike Pence, may the Republic be forever shielded from such a lying snake.

So whatever options or outcomes are available to Democrats are always going to be lousy, cramped and contradictory, there is no good or easy path in this catastrophic situation. Be easy and forgiving of each other, we’re in a terrible spot, impeachment is not the end game in our lifetimes for Democratic Party ascension.

Continued, sustained electoral victory is the only answer there, after 2018 there will be the even more important Presidential election of 2020. We cannot allow impeachment to wedge the Party to the point of attacking each other, the country is in enough trouble as it is.

The Pragmatists always point to the Senate gaming out possible impeachment, why do it with certain failure there? Fair enough, but it’s also fair to game out that non-action outcome, it will mean that twice in just the last 15 years the Democratic Party will have taken a pass on prosecuting heinous filthy criminal Presidents who have grossly defied everything we allegedly stand for as political citizens.

The slaughter of tens of thousands of Iraqi children in horrifying deaths of wailing pain and grief for nothing but lies, that wasn’t enough? The theft of Democracy itself by a lying felon who wishes nothing but to be a modern American Fascist? For political and practical reasons we give a pass on that? We accept the judgment of onlookers in that scenario?

The Republicans didn’t care they’d obviously fail when they impeached Bill Clinton, why should we? One of the reasons Pelosi took a pass on Bush is that she was petrified of the hostile American media environment, she instantly without question accepted impeachment would be cast as a choice of politics, not principle, and didn’t even try to frame it differently.

Why do we instantly accept Senate failure? If the case is made Trump is a Russian plant who criminally cheated the election do we really assume Republicans accept that and will eventually pay no political penalty for conspiring with Trump? Do we really believe so little in ourselves, the truth and Democracy to just give up on justice and the country in this scenario?

What a hot nuclear mess I resent my Party being held responsible for, way to go Republicans and the New York Times and all the American media chumps, thanks for foisting this impossible catastrophe upon us.

As of now I am leaning toward impeachment, I think abandonment of principle for politics makes Democrats look weak, but I have no idea what to truly do in this impossible situation, and I will never allow the issue to stop helping, supporting and being there for my people like Amanda and Markos, never.

Faintly hope Trump resigns so we and the country don’t have to go through with it, and forgive what outcome eventually happens to win the 2020 election.

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