Sunday :: Sep 2, 2018

Predictions of Democratic Violence Isn’t Projection

by paradox

In a way I am continually astounded that such a stupid, illiterate fascist like Donald Trump could be so dangerous, that such an idiot could attain and wield real political power of frightening dimensions.

Then I remember that an excellent political education, fanatic attention to media politics and a deep dive into political social media represent only a small corner of the American political landscape. Statistics, justice, truth, equality, we live with these guideposts every day here, yes, but that’s obviously not the American political environment we live in.

Then I also remember the fascist strongman story is an old and well-documented one, there should be no surprise—horror, obviously, of course—to the tactics displayed here yet again. The politics of fear, grievance, and persecution. Scapegoating a minority, with a relentless firehouse of lying and gaslighting that renders the truth meaningless and leaves people confused.

Add the necessary propaganda arm like Fox News and a crippled corporate media, then a sizable political minority—around one-third-- fanatically ruthless in getting its way. One third of the populace smashes and persecutes political norms and opponents under the strongman, one third cowers and the remaining watch. Presto, American 21st century fascism.

A sickening new twist was introduced last week when Trump stated that should the Democrats lose or not get their way they’d turn to violence. The incident was grossly under-reported at the time and consistently mis-interpreted by lame American pundits since.

Dana Milbank and Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post both missed the issue, although at least they were alarmed enough to write about it. Some sympathy is likely called for, Trump is the most childish projecting liar I have ever seen, so it would seem to be just another case here, but this isn’t projection.

That’s why Parker is so mystified, what really happened here is de-humanization of Democrats. Democrats won’t accept norms, the truth or losing, they’re political animals, dangerous political animals. Since regular norms and politics won’t work the only way to deal with them is, of course, violence, it’s the only option left.

I wish I could take credit for this truth but I read it the day after it happened from a commenter at Balloon Juice, that very intelligent American was aghast that the original corporate reporting in the New York Times relegated it to the 18th paragraph.

Rightly so, simplified de-humanizing Democrats is just rationalization for violence, I can’t think of a more dangerous and frightening politician than Trump, omg how could this be accepted so casually and so mis-interpreted?

Americans can be such childish, ignorant political fools, they have no appreciation whatsoever at what incredible power and fear such a tiny political minority can wield if they don brown shirts and shoulder their assault rifles. All it takes is 20,000—30,000 fascists committed to showing up and shooting any animal demonstrators they encounter any day any time, they can’t or won’t be stopped.

The level of fear and intimidation what would inspire would smash and warp our Democracy into oblivion forever. The President of the United States is setting it up. Investigations are planned.

Perhaps it’s unfair to characterize Milbank and Parker as lame, but Milbank should have seen that if it was such a joke it had to be wrong. Parker admitted to being mystified, but didn’t reach out to renowned political web experts like Sarah Kendzior or Juan Cole, they would have told her or at the very least put her on the right path.

Part of the reason we’re in this horrifying fascist mess is that American journalism has been so lame, to put it so politely. Reporters/pundits like Milbank and Parker are simply too insular in their environment and sources but don’t know it. They can’t see the fascism right in front of their faces but think they must have all available sources and truth available to them. So it’s a joke or a mystery.

I would suggest to Mr. Lame Milbank and Ms. Lame Parker that perhaps you don’t know it all, that perhaps patient perusal of truth at liberal blogs and sites could yield facts, insight and history that would have prevented the takeover of the United States of America into a fascist state revving up for blood in the streets.

Perhaps. Maybe when citizens are shot in the streets and journalists are gagged with fear and intimidation lame will be a very generous, oh so polite term for the alleged guardians of truth who allowed this to happen. Maybe so.

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