Tuesday :: Sep 18, 2018

Kavanaugh and the GOP Step Into the Abyss

by Deacon Blues

Now that Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa wants to ram through Brett Kavanaugh with a quickly-scheduled committee hearing next Monday without any further investigation of accuser Dr. Ford's allegations by law enforcement personnel, he is refusing to allow any other witnesses except Ford and Kavanaugh.

Grassley and the rest of his GOP committeemen don't plan to call any of the 65 female character references he lined up to vouch for Kavanaugh, for fear that Democrats ask how people who never went to high school with Kavanaugh can vouch for him while he was at high school. And Grassley doesn't want it revealed that of the original 65 he lined up, less than a dozen are willing to still publicly support the nominee.

And Grassley doesn't want to force the "third person" in the bedroom that night, Kavanaugh friend and drinking buddy Mike Judge, who has written publicly about his high school drinking and in fiction with someone named awfully close to Kavanaugh, to come forward or be subpoenaed to testify. It's no surprise that Judge now refuses to testify to the committee, because he'd be under oath and exposed to a felony charge under Maryland state law.

No, Grassley, who thought he was being clever by lining up dozens of phony character references who never attended high school with the nominee in the oft-chance that the alleged victim came forward, is now perpetrating a sham hearing like he and Orrin Hatch foisted upon us with Anita Hill 27 year ago. And yet the Senate GOP, which took 11 months to deprive Merrick Garland of even a hearing, now wants to rush through a hearing for Kavanaugh so they can stack the court before possibly losing control of the Senate in November.

Simply put, if the same Senate GOP thought the court could go 11 months without 9 justices, then the same Senate GOP can explain why it can't wait another 2-3 weeks for the FBI to interview Judge, Ford, Kavanaugh, and the 65 women who vouched for him without going to school with him.

Update: A simply brilliant move by Dr. Ford and her attorney. In my admittedly limited experience, liars and guilty people don't demand FBI investigations of themselves. And since Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, and every other Trump sycophant has told us how innocent Kavanaugh is, he certainly won't have a problem with having his FBI inquiry reopened again, even for a polygraph, would he?

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