Friday :: Sep 21, 2018

"Swift Boat" Liars May Sink Kavanaugh

by Deacon Blues

If you wanted to know how it was possible for Ed Whelan, a longtime GOP political hatchet man to turn the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation mess into a Keystone Kops fiasco that suckered Orrin Hatch's office and risked a defamation lawsuit against Whelan and his firm, all you need to know is that Whelan used the same smear artists behind the Swift Boat Veterans' for Truth.

It's only fitting that Trump and Kavanaugh get a black eye on this by allowing the slime from the John Kerry liars and attackers to spread their ooze into the White House efforts to ram through this nomination, to the degree that it is now in doubt. Yet Whelan's debacle clearly drags in the Federalist Society itself, and calls into question how detached the White House really is from this mess, when it was known to some reporters that GOP bigfoots were working on this "it was the other guy" defense since the beginning of the week.

I don't really see a plausible way that Chuck Grassley or Orrin Hatch can evade involving the FBI to sort out this mess any longer, or not call Mark Judge to testify as "the other guy in the room", now that the GOP went so far as to float this desperate defense. But given the disastrous poll numbers that are dragging down Kavanaugh already, maybe the Democrats should want Grassley to ram the vote through the Senate Judiciary Committee anyway, just so it blows up the GOP in early October, just weeks before the midterms.

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