Monday :: Sep 24, 2018

Making Rosenstein an Offer He Can Refuse

by Deacon Blues

Hopefully, the Thursday meeting between Trump and Rod Rosenstein to get Rosenstein's pecker in Trump's pocket (sorry, LBJ) will be a short one:

Trump: Rod, thanks for coming in today.
Rosenstein: Good morning, Mr. President.
Trump: This recent hub-bub about you volunteering to wear a wire and bag me for a 25th Amendment action has hurt me, despite your willingness to put out that second statement denying the failin' New York Times' story.
Rosenstein: I'm sorry about all of this Mr. President. As I said earlier in the week, I'm offering my resignation.
Trump: I appreciate that Rod. You can stay, as long as you are a team player and give Devin Nunes everything he wants, and rein in Mueller.
Rosenstein: Mr. President, ...
Trump: Now Rod, I'm just asking for loyalty here, ...
Rosenstein: (Reaching inside his suit jacket for his letter) Mr. President, I'm sorry; here is my letter. I appreciated the opportunity to serve. But I can't remain the Number Two person at Justice under those demands.
Trump: Well, then, you resigned. I didn't fire you.
Rosenstein: Yes Mr. President. Good bye.
Trump: Good bye Rod. Your office and computer have been locked up, and White House security will want your cell phone on your way out.
Rosenstein: Yes, Mr. President. I'll be happy to hand that over before I leave the building and walk towards all those microphones.

We can only hope. But by that time, and on that morning, Trump will be hoping that Rosenstein will give the media enough of a distraction away from the sh*tstorm at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, where Ronan Farrow, Jane Mayer, and Michael Avenatti have now kneecapped the Brett Kavanaugh march to victory.

Update: Straight out of the right wing playbook, by making himself the victim, Kavanaugh responds to the most recent allegations by two new women and says he will not be intimidated into withdrawing from the nomination. This is a common feature of white male privilege, whereby the Beltway elites believe in their own entitlement (the same people who whine about lesser people and entitlements), and bristle when the rest of us rubes don't step aside while they ascend to their power perches. So now Kavanaugh can yak about his refusal to be intimidated, while he and the White House try to intimidate now-3 women into shutting up and going away, until all three insist upon polygraphs in real time with Kavanaugh in front of the FBI.

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