Friday :: Sep 28, 2018

Hanging Lindsey Out to Dry

by Deacon Blues
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"Miss Ford has got a problem, and destroying Judge Kavanaugh’s life won’t fix her problem."
--Graham, yesterday, placing the "problem" at Dr. Ford's feet

There’ll be a special place in Hell for Lindsey Graham, after yesterday’s grotesque performance to please Donald Trump, and his garbage comment about Dr. Ford. I can only hope that when Lindsey gets what he wants, which is to be Trump’s next Attorney General or Defense Secretary, he has to face a Democratic committee chair next year at his confirmation hearing.

What we saw yesterday was the collision between Brett Kavanaugh and the GOP’s sense of entitlement to the Supreme Court and an attempt at accountability, perhaps a failed one at that. Dr. Ford was the brave one yesterday, and Kavanaugh and Graham were gutless political opportunists. When you come out on the wrong side of the American Bar Association and the Jesuits, you know you’ve gone too far to please Trump. Graham smeared Ford with that comment, and whatever self-loathing and secret he’s hiding doesn’t justify his behavior.

Spare me any whining about a "fair process", coming from the cretins who never gave Merrick Garland a hearing.

We can only hope that yesterday was the GOP winning the battle but eventually losing the war. And as for Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and any other wavering GOP senator who expressed concerns about Kavanaugh and yet will still confirm him in the aftermath of yesterday’s pathetic display, may you all burn in hell when you take your K Street jobs and sell out for the cash and power that motivate the GOP.

It was to be expected that the Committee would vote along party lines this morning to push ahead with Kavanaugh, as if yesterday's testimony by Ford didn't happen, just as it was to be expected for the spineless Flake to make an empty demand for a FBI investigation before a final floor vote, when he knows full well McConnell plans to ram through the floor vote immediately. Unless Flake comes out and says he will vote "no" on the floor in the absence of a FBI investigation, his protestations are as empty as Graham's reputation.

Update, Friday PM: After being confronted by a sexual assault victim in a Capitol elevator this morning, Flake approached Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar and Chris Coons about getting the FBI back into the process prior to any final Senate floor vote on Kavanaugh. This led to conversations with Lisa Murkowski, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Manchin, and others, and presto, Mitch McConnell has been told that there won't be any floor vote to approve Kavanaugh until the FBI is allowed to re-enter the process and conduct a one-week background investigation to look into the recent charges.

McConnell no longer has the votes to ram through Kavanaugh this weekend, and will agree to the one-week delay. This truly hangs Graham, Grassley, and Hatch out to dry amongst their Senate colleagues. After seeing Graham's pathetic behavior yesterday, and now seeing this rejection today, Graham's days as an effective moderating voice in the Senate are over.

Plus, this loser must face voters in 2020.

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