Sunday :: Sep 30, 2018

The Answer From Mueller is Needed Now More Than Ever

by paradox

I’m quite surprised, in a way, to look upon some the brightest and most successful American liberal writers (Yglesias, Parton, Marcotte, Marshall) and see their impeachment reasoning. All of them concretely, effortlessly predict conviction failure in the Senate, it is as a given in our world as the tides.

Heh. I wasn’t aware predicting the future was one of their many enviable talents, but they seemed to have seized it with amazing confidence.

Of course the surprise instantly fades and some of the reasoning accepted when we see the heinous Senate Republican behavior toward the nomination of Kavanaugh, there isn’t anything they won’t accept or cover for to ensure The Republican Way.

Kavanaugh is a Ken Starr hack sexual assaulter ranting drunk, if the Senate accepts that for the Supreme Court then of course they’d accept Trump conspiracy with the Russians to cheat the election and obstruction of justice to cover it up. Right?

The same answer weaves into the Kavanaugh issue another way, if it was truly known from Mueller findings that Trump committed treason, conspiracy and obstruction of justice of course the Senate would confirm Kavanaugh anyway. Right?

This blithe acceptance irritates me in the same scenario that Nancy Pelosi initiated in 2004, she blew off impeachment because she simply knew the Senate would not convict, not even with a real careful trial that explicitly showed what Bush and Cheney had done.

To put it out there this is what I loathe about sacrifice bunting in baseball, it’s a rank acceptance of failure and pessimism to give up on the possible, the potential of what you truly have wasted, you never know what could have happened because you gave up and bunted.

To put it out there this is precisely why I think Trump should instantly face impeachment if Mueller shows he committed conspiracy and obstruction of justice, for such incredibly important issues as treason and cheating an election the truth must be put in play in a Senate trial, duty, patriotism, and justice demand no other course of action.

Even if the Senate did fail to convict Trump politically the outcomes are far more preferable that doing nothing. By impeaching Trump the truth of what happened will be ever more concretely set in the national consciousness, and if the Senate Republicans reject it then of course the acceptance of treason and cheating an election is empirically on them, they become extensions of Trump in their next election. I’ll take that.

Furthermore, I don’t want to think about the searing accusations of weakness and sickening inaction to be hurled at the Democratic Party if they fail to impeach. The United States of America isn’t worth defending of treason? Of cheating an election?

This is a huge reason states regress into fascism, by the way, a complete failure of the opposition Party to recognize what’s happened and fight back. The press is too stupid and corporate to oppose, too much of the ruling Party accepts trade-offs and the rest of the country watches. Bye-bye USA.

Without at the very least a report from Mueller precisely outlining Trump’s treason and the throwing of the election that’s what will happen, despite everything the Democratic Party can’t or won’t seize on the energy and bravery it takes to impeach. Our Party, in other words, will fail in the face of oncoming American 21st century fascism.

We need an answer from Mueller as to what Trump did with the Russians to cheat Election 2016 now. Right now, no later than January 1st. How much time is necessary on such a critically urgent question? Cohen and Manafort have flipped, what could possibly be the delay in delivering the truth?

The terribly disconcerting element to all this is that of course we all know the truth, Trump did conspire with the Russians to cheat the election, then tried to cover it up. Just as we know the truth he committed a felony with Cohen to hush up a publisher about the porn star he had sex with.

But but but, my son, wait wait wait as the Republic goes down in flames and our latent homosexual President falls in love with the leader of Korea, only Mueller can proclaim the truth, he and only him.

I don’t frighten easily, but the indefatigability of Trump truly scares me. He cannot be humiliated, embarrassment is not one of his perceptions, responsibility for failure mean nothing to him. Every single day he springs back up spewing more filth, crimes, lies and failure as if yesterday had never happened. He’ll do anything to escape his treason trap and as we’re constructed as a Republic and country we’ll fail to stop him.

If we don’t impeach him, for a start. We can’t do that without Mueller’s report. Please hurry the freak up, Robert.

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