Thursday :: Feb 14, 2019

Impeachable Offenses Need Not Be Violations of Criminal Code

by paradox

Rolling through my Twitter timeline weeks ago the point was passed on by Digby of Hullabaloo, with the lamentable observation few members of the press or even Congress are cognizant of the fact. What she meant was that impeaching a President need not rely on violations or criminal or civic code, a hopeless tangle of waiting and hazy ambiguity, it can easily be triggered by actions no legislature ever thought necessary to write a law for.

[opens hands] This is not an examination or criticism of not impeaching Trump, that ship of No has steamed, but since that course has been set now we get to watch in real time how a Russian asset rogue idiot President behaves when he realizes he won’t even be impeached for his numerous heinous crimes, let alone convicted. It was and is a risk that got too little attention.

To my horror I watched that risk get nauseatingly ratcheted up as a BBC cameraman was attacked at a recent Trump rally, this attack on our free press has descended into the hell of personal political violence, it’s red hats this time instead of brown shirts.

For the life of me I cannot understand how the United States journalism corps didn’t scream bloody murder over this incident or not excoriate Trump for it, personal violence by political gang on the press or opponents is a total shouting hallmark for fascism, have we learned so little, forgotten so much?

It’s always been my position Trump could have been impeached just for his attack on the 1st Amendment, his sneering indifference to American reporters and constant lying. None of us are anything without the truth, if Trump can successfully hijack the American mechanism for transmitting the truth to its citizens the United States is doomed, know it like the sun rises, in a few years we’ll rename the place Amerikastan.

I’m sure it hasn’t gone without notice in the American journalism corps that I can be smashingly hard on their members and the appallingly juvenile approach many of them take to their so-critical profession. That’s because abandoning the truth with this both sides insanity has led us precisely to President Trump and threatened, incredibly, the very foundations of American democracy. So get used to your fee-fees being hurt when you don’t do your jobs.

Know too in these hard media times I subscribe to the New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News. I believe in your mission and reporters, I am the tiniest of economic engines in our vast apparatus of American capitalism, but I still do it.

Grudgingly so as I helplessly watch the Washington Post fact-check Trump lies like a taffy machine, oh my god they just endlessly spit out and the Post just wraps them up every day with a shiny ribbon, see how well we’re doing our jobs?

Yes, yes indeed, but it’s also been everybody else’s observation that recording Trump’s lies laughably doesn’t stop him, he still lies like a carpet. My respect for the American journalism corps will go up a lot when an American reporter asks Trump or his slimy little minions why it’s okay to lie to the American people every day.

Why was it okay for Trump to say nothing when a BBC cameraman was attacked? Why can’t you reflexively defend yourselves and your profession, even from personal violence?

As stated before environment and political calculation have given the outcome of not impeaching Trump. It is a known fact Russia manipulated and attacked the last American national election in 2016, their asset is now President, how do we know the next national election won’t be compromised and cheated again?

If that happens the American democracy is officially lost and gone. It will have been subverted through the electoral process, and the violent swagger of 2019 that produced a BBC cameraman being beat up is only the tiniest foreshadowing of what’s to come to your reporters and media staff, New York Times and Washington Post.

The red hats won’t wait for Congress to throttle you, they’ll just beat your people up in the streets. Welcome to the Trump second term, now how well did all that fact checking work again?

The judicial and legislative branches of the American government have failed to stop or depose of Trump. The last institutional bastion with the capability to stop a second Trump term is the American free media and press. Given their behavior so far, they tragically underestimate the danger they’re in and, amazingly, seem oblivious in their duty to protecting American democracy.

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