Wednesday :: Feb 20, 2019

House Should Ramp Up Trump Investigations Faster

by paradox

“The system is broken,” Peter Daou lamented on Twitter a few weeks ago, noting that in the continuous uproar of Trump felonies and impeachable offenses nothing happens, everyone knows the Republicans wouldn’t give a damn about “divisive” elements or Senate failure if the Republicans owned the House with a Democratic felon President, they would have started impeachment January 15th.

“I am getting a wee bit impatient,” vociferous Tweeter Rob Reiner said yesterday, chafing at all the seeming inaction as the Democracy goes up in flames, how could it be in all the conflagration there is no Democratic or Special Counsel response?

If pressed, even after the gross abrogation of Trump power in these times of national emergency, Speaker Pelosi would still likely state a Trump impeachment committee has a Mueller investigation trigger, nothing will move on possible impeachment until the Special Counsel files a report and shows, well, shows more clearly Trump treason and various felonies than we now know.

“Have some integrity,” tweet-fumed the incomparable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the beginning of the shutdown, furious that Congress could withhold paychecks for little people but of course still take home their pay. Integrity can be a very difficult attribute to find in Congress, and the earnest freshman AOC and those yearning for Congressional action against Trump will soon discover another famous congressional shortcoming: speed.

House committee workup lost January with the shutdown, with of course the Republicans stalling as much as they could, and now that House committees are in place—naturally no impeachment committee was formed—well, something is supposed to happen, no one knows what. There has been thunderous proclamation that the holy grail of Trump felony, the tax returns, will finally see the light of day, but, you know, perhaps a few months from now.

It’s well worth noting the history of Democracy failure always naturally possesses one shining factor: the failure of the opposition Party to counter the emerging dictator tyrant. Traitor lying felons like Trump do not play be their rules and cannot be shamed, it simply is not comprehended quickly enough the Democracy is in peril and it fails.

I am not saying that’s what we’re witnessing right now in the United States, it’s just that historically Democracy dynamics and norms of the institutions and players have trouble adjusting to an emerging dictator. The Washington Post racks up Trump’s lies like cordwood but Trump still lies every day. Speaker Pelosi humiliates Trump over a heinous shutdown so Trump declares a national emergency to get around it.

It’s also well worth noting here the American journalism corps’ ethos of “both sides” should be fully buried for the enraging farce it always was. Both sides do not coddle an emerging dictator, both sides do not lie like carpets, both sides do not have a sickening disregard for science and deny climate change.

Both sides do not also reflexively impeach the President for tawdry political gain. American journalism failure is a huge reason we find ourselves in this horrifying mess, perhaps the nuclear shining truth of what the Republicans have become will finally shatter that stupid, manifestly unprofessional both-sides mindset. Given the atrocious political hiring at CNN recently one doesn’t get a pulse of optimism over the issue.

Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats now face an institutional and political test of Trump’s atrocious Benito move of national emergency: do they force a Congressional response or simply watch as the Judicial branch is given the responsibility to stop it?

Again, an appalling Senate Republican behavior projection comes into play here, if Speaker Pelosi forces a national emergency confrontation the vote will go to the Senate, and there is no guarantee whatsoever Senate Republicans will somehow stop being Putin stooges and restore the Democracy.

If the vote fails then Game Over becomes official, the Democracy and America are gone. Does Speaker Pelosi really want to take that risk?

Note too the fragility of American Democracy, all it takes is a lying tyrant, an enabling Party and failed journalism corps, poof, a national emergency is given to a packed Republican Judicial branch and America dies.

That horrifying scenario is thankfully not yet set in stone, Speaker Pelosi has not made a final decision on Congressional response to the national emergency lying farce, and of course Judicial has not responded yet.

“Just another depressing day,” Bette Milder tweeted over the weekend, it is indeed a terrible, terrible thing to watch a great country go under to a lying Russian asset.

Speaker Pelosi, if a pass is necessary on impeachment and national emergency then I implore you with all urgency possible to ramp up the House investigations and at least get those Trump tax returns quickly. House Democrats must fight quickly back, our people cannot watch another American institution do nothing in fighting back Trump.

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