Friday :: Feb 22, 2019

Conservative Obsession With AOC Rages On

by paradox

I was looking forward to writing about one of the best stories of the century this morning—Republicans are finally going to have to put their American souls on the line early next month with the Senate national emergency vote—but, alas, yet again a ranting obsessed conservative writer attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the Washington Post, yet again meriting a response.

This time it’s Marc Thiessen, haplessly hacking away with his obsession while frankly admitting it, completely omitting why “leftist” writers are complaining about it.

[opens hands] Mr. Thiessen, before we get to your ranting incorrect conclusions about economics and AOC let’s unpack your frankly admitted obsession, it’s a huge reason we’re all here and there are ways out for you.

Obsession is bad. Obsession eventually leads to a singular mental focus that precludes necessary adult activity, you know, maintaining relationships, fiduciary responsibilities, diet and physical self-care.

It gets worse. Such a singular focus soon produces anxiety and anger that the focus has not produced results, which eventually leads to mounting desperation and lunging mental moves which naturally fail, viciously feeding the cycle of more focus and more lost attention elsewhere. Obsession is plain mental regression, all right?

Dude. The next time you admit to being self-obsessed schedule with your therapist, have lunch with a mentor, drink half a pint of rum in front of a fire, play with your kids, anything but try to write, my God, man, otherwise the result is the mental splat of crap we have here.

Oy am I being nice about it, the frantic obsession of AOC in the conservative tribe has led to attacks on her dancing, her nickname, her apartment and jamming her office lines, anything the conservatives can desperately lunge for, displaying a sickening immaturity and disgusting juvenile cruelty.

The exasperating childishness is bad enough, the rank mental illness disturbing to watch, the endless repetition wearying, but worst of all is the time spent trying to clean up the ugly conservative splat of regression in the American environment, that’s why liberals are complaining about it.

Let me tell you something else, Mr. Thiessen, you can toss your mind and soul into the Potomac and write about AOC every day, okay, liberal American souls not in the sway of Vladimir Putin will still be there to defend her, explain her honest motives and do everything we can do make this country work for everyone, do you understand, Mr. White Guy Washington Post? [spits]

[places palms together] May the United States and all of us survive the mental filth of ranting AOC-obsessed American conservative writers, it is a trial.

Now then. As with climate change the base conservative economic mode for AOC criticism is laughable, these conservative economic clowns will still tell you with a straight face tax cuts produce jobs and revenue. Conservative economic dogma has smashed the federal budget, directly led to astounding inequality and terrible environmental degradation.

A vastly obnoxious idiot took over Sears, wrecked it with Tump-like efficiency and then he and his pals walked with millions in bonuses. American capitalism is so headed in the wrong direction in a screaming waste of human potential, but it’s all just fine for Mr. Thiessen and his pals.

The flash point of Thiessen obsession here is AOC’s incorrect revenue sourcing for $3 billion in subsidies. AOC and other liberals in New York led a fight to keep an Amazon distribution center out of New York city, one of the reasons was a ridiculous $3 billion tax giveaway. AOC incorrectly stated $3 billion was available to spend on the city since it obviously had $3 billion to give away in tax incentives.

No, that revenue isn’t available in ready cash to spend, it’s a small mistake Thiessen then absurdly conflates into a total negation of all of AOC ideas and objectives. Human beings are allowed to make mistakes, Mr. Thiessen, I’m sure a self-admitted mental regressive like yourself can even comprehend that.

Thiessen hates the result of Amazon not being coddled by New York and citing lost job numbers, so conservatively oblivious that an Amazon distribution job is a terrible place to work, precisely why so many of our people are desperately hurting.

Amazon is the lovely company that held workers after shift for at least an hour to wait in a security-frisk line and then wouldn’t pay them for it. The wages are nothing and conditions appalling, you wouldn’t make it 5 minutes in an Amazon distribution center, Mr. Thiessen, and of course there would be no union to represent you.

That’s what AOC fought against, Mr. Thiessen, and if your can ever yank your addled brain into defending Amazon wages and conditions, well, we’ll be listening.

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