Monday :: Feb 25, 2019

4 Votes of the Century, American Journalism Oblivious

by paradox

290 votes to override a veto in the House, 67 in the Senate, these are the paramount numbers in my head this morning, for the first Vote of the Century is just tomorrow, the House is set to vote on repudiating Putin’s Asset’s fascist power grab to build his monument wall to racism. After passing the Senate has to respond in 13 days.

As a fair student of American history and political science, certified junkie certainly, I can state unequivocally this first House vote tomorrow is the first of 4 shiningly critical votes for American democracy I have ever seen, easily the most important American legislative votes of the 21st century.

Of course it’s not just the racist wall in question, base truth, separation of powers and Russian takeover of American government are on the line, it’s hard to imagine a legislative scenario with so much screaming urgency. The emergency powers mechanism vote will pass the House and Senate, the issue in stopping Trump here are the necessary override votes of the automatic Trump veto, 290 in the House, 67 in the Senate, somehow those thresholds have to be met to save American democracy.

As the tiniest of persons watching thousands of miles away one first looks for fighters in my own Party, thankfully Adam Schiff has completely seen what’s at stake and undertook the necessary duty to call out the Republicans on their terrible treachery to America if they vote for this.

Speaker Pelosi is a great American, she of course sees the same perils to Democracy as Representative Schiff and will call out the Republicans too, along with others. No whip of the vote necessary here, not one Democrat in the House or Senate will vote for this monstrous fascist insanity.

Ever since the Democrats won the House and hold the impeachment trigger there’s been a liberal junkie fight about whether the 67 Senate vote threshold could be reached for conviction, almost all of the voices reaching a firm conclusion of No, so much has already gone terribly wrong with Republican acquiescence of Trump treachery they would never go along with convicting Trump. But will this Russian treachery extend to the atrocious Emergency Power fascism move too?

Blandly, with a mindless meander of mental flatulence, the American journalism corps has deemed this likely, the veto won’t be overridden. No explanation whatsoever why or the incredible urgency of the vote, just this useless, amazingly blithe acceptance of American democracy going down in flames.

With so much at stake for American democracy in the next two weeks surely the American journalism corps would be an ally here, wouldn’t they? They’d thoroughly report on separation of powers, fiduciary role of Congress, the idiocy and lie of declaring a national emergency, the horribly frightening Russian asset behavior of all this, it would all be so obvious and continuous. Right?

After the atrocious journalism behavior of last weekend we all get the sickening dreaded feeling of American journalism failure yet again for the national emergency coverage, what in the name of Mount Rushmore was all this gorging monstrosity in the Jussie Smollet false accusation case?

I fully admit to being culturally obtuse when it comes to drama television, I don’t watch it, I’d never before heard of this person or his show, but still it’s impossible a false accusation story from Chicago would merit the lead story of a national broadcast.

Not only did they endlessly devote precious minutes to it, they all did it. How is it possible for all of the American journalism outlets to get the proportion of this story so wrong? The answer is the totally inadequate word of herding, incredibly American journalists cannot fabricate proportion and priority independently, they’re constantly looking over each other’s shoulders to see what daily agenda is being set.

We’re so used to this we’ve become to how sick and amazing that phenomena is, all the more so because ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC are completely oblivious to it as well. It’s as if they went on a bender all weekend, smashing up the car and spending $15 grand on the Visa card, then show up at home Monday morning with an amazing nonchalance of psychosis, we didn’t do anything! All is totally fine! Why, it’s all so normal. Yeah.

If we had a functional journalism corps the emergency power vote would be a slam dunk, Trump would be totally repudiated with a veto override. Instead it’s just another day in the Russian asset nightmare, helplessly watching American journalism fail and hoping for the best, wondering if any of American democracy will be left when Trump is finally gone.

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