Friday :: Mar 1, 2019

It is Getting to Be a Bit Much

by paradox

In the last 72 hours the United States populace has had to watch its stupid, criminal President horribly bungle an alleged diplomatic attempt with another small-mined despot, witness his personal lawyer precisely outline serious crimes before Congress, see the vote on his Benito border wall power grab, and learn he personally overrode his intelligence community to give a security clearance to his lying dumb son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

-uck it,” spat the usually indomitable Digby of Hullabaloo on Twitter last night, she will come around to reliably watch and observe again, of course, but when Digby gets discouraged you know things are really bad.

All of this is horrible to watch, of course, but in the background is the surefire knowledge if a Democratic president had pulled a fraction of the stunts Trump has the Republicans would have gone berserk, if they had the House of course impeachment would have started February 1st, and if there was doubt the Senate would not convict the call would have gone out to march on DC, 200,000 irate Republican citizens would encamp the capital until happened.

Our lazy lying Russian asset President has nothing on his public schedule today, of course. Our Democracy is going down in flames and the President will spend the day watching the idiot box and eating cheeseburgers.

Like a lot of writers I’ve got a fairly deep streak of drama queen, but I know I wasn’t wrong when I wrote overturning the fascist emergency power grab of Trump was one of the most important Congressional votes of the century, if not the primary one.

Along with all of the horrors to watch is the incredible sycophantic behavior of the Republican Party under Trump, oh my god these politicians have no principles or guiding morality at all, nothing, after all the lying, sexual transgressions, payoffs, security breaches, stupid incompetence, criminality and even treachery with Russia they still support Trump.

Only 13 House members voted with the Democrats to overturn the emergency power fascism. My stomach still flips when I remember the Republican senator quotes of weasel evasion, sick capitulation and gross abdication of duty when asked about the upcoming fascism vote, my God, these alleged American Republican public servants would hang their own children before they stood up to Trump, seriously, rarely have I felt so appalled.

What our useless American journalism corps is going to yap about today is anyone’s guess, at least one can be sure it won’t be defense of the truth, separation of powers, climate change, solar conversion, Russian treachery, or anything useful to the little people. Perhaps this weekend will be another fun show over obsessing a false accusation charge while ignoring a Coast Guard officer who was arrested with a vast weapons cache and Democratic politician hit list.

Perhaps they’ll ignore the racism raging behind the phenomena of Trump, or sit there mutely and not call for the resignation of Trump, as half of them would if a Democratic president had paid off a porn star and then compromised national security with a relative’s security clearance.

Speaker Pelosi again shut down impeachment questions yesterday with a few abrupt statements of not going there. I respectfully request the Speaker codify and patiently explain the Democratic Party position of not impeaching Trump and the precise rationale behind it, in all the mayhem to watch total inaction by the Party on impeachment demands more than a few abrupt dismissive statements.

For adherence to principle, yes, but much more importantly to keep our people from getting discouraged, they must see sanity and functionality as an alternative to the Republican mayhem. It has always been a huge conservative goal to have our people dis-engaged, and that was half the objective of Russian Election 2016 interference, to cause such revulsion at the election that citizens wouldn’t participate.

I will walk to hell and back, over leagues of glowing coals, with a crown of thorns while whipped upon by Newt Gingrich--I’m not exaggerating-- for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, anything to make sure she knows I believe in her and support her. One huge reason is that she fights back and doesn’t give up, no matter what the fascist Republicans hurl at her. I would hope the Speaker understands that and sees the critical political value of that characteristic for the Party moving forward.

It really is getting to be a bit much, all the mayhem, lying and mistakes, it’s critical for the Democratic Party to encourage our people and keep them engaged.

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