Tuesday :: Mar 26, 2019

Welcome the Fight With Trump

by Deacon Blues

As expected, Mitch McConnell will block any attempt to make Robert Mueller's actual report public, opting instead to tie Senate Republicans to an active cover-up. This shouldn't surprise anyone, nor should it surprise anyone that Lindsey Graham and Trump are ready to wage a jihad against Democrats and Trump opponents over their support for the Mueller inquiry.

Democrats need to be ready for this, but not overact, because you can count upon Trump and Senate Republicans blowing this. As advertised, Trump has already overacted and signaled that he is ready again to wage war on Obamacare, months after the GOP lost the House over Trump and their opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Now feeling emboldened by his victory with the Mueller cover-up, Trump's worst impulses will be on full display between now and the 2020 election, which is fine.

If Trump, McConnell, and those vulnerable 2020 GOP Senators want to run on:
-The Mueller cover-up
-An ACA repeal
-An ongoing attack against people of color and women
-The fraud that is the GOP tax "reform"
-A resulting, sudden campaign to now cut Medicare and Social Security
-Their jihad against Democrats and Hillary Clinton, and
-Trump's actual record,
then let them. Democrats should be eager for that fight, and that campaign.

Let the federal attorneys and other jurisdictions deal with the Trump crime family in the interim. And for those of you who think the economy will save Trump by November 2020, I'll take that bet. If the Democrats argue those issues above effectively, and add in a little climate change, voting rights, and gun safety, I'm willing to wager that even a decent economy will not sway enough swing and independent voters for Trump to replicate his 2016 electoral map.

And by the way, Chuck Schumer should tell his friend Mitch that there will be no other business done in the Senate until the Mueller report is released.

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