Thursday :: Mar 28, 2019

Trump's Growth Claims Empty

by Deacon Blues

You'll recall that Donald Trump told us he could achieve a 4% growth rate in the economy, millions of jobs, and everyone would get a $4,000 raise if we passed his $1.5 trillion tax cut, and let him cut regulations all over the place.

Well, no one I know got that $4,000 raise. Nor did the millions of well-paying jobs materialize. But we did add trillions of debt to our country's balance sheet. And Trump's annual budget deficits are the largest in history. And yes, Trump and his Wall Street and Mar a Lago buddies all laughed their way to their banks with their millions in tax cuts paid for by you and me.

And now we find out that the 4% growth was never, and will never be achieved either. In fact, the economy is now slowing, the deficits are rising, and growth is now no larger than it was under Barack Obama, but Obama did it without Trump's debt.

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