Tuesday :: Sep 10, 2019

Trump's Nobel Pursuit Costs Bolton His Job

by Deacon Blues

Donald Trump's vanity, delusion that he is the ultimate dealmaker, and narcissistic desire for a Nobel Peace Prize has now pushed him to fire John Bolton. Yeah, really. He did.

I have no use, or love lost for John Bolton. But he got canned because:
1. He was against Trump's empty, slobbering pursuit of romance with Kim Jong Un
2. He was against any Trump overtures to Iran;
3. He probably was aghast at the recent Trump Nobel-inspired appeasement with the Taliban.

Knowing that Mike Pompeo will do whatever Trump wants, and knowing that Mick Mulvaney and the Pentagon will do as well, we are about to enter an even more dangerous time heading up to the 2020 election, as Trump seeks to show voters he is smarter than all previous presidents.

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