Tuesday :: Oct 15, 2019

Be Prepared for the Very Worst at Any Moment

by paradox

Very soon—if not this very day—it will become widespread accepted political knowledge in the United States that President Trump is an obvious Russian asset to the authoritarian thug Putin. Horrified citizens grimly watching simply add it to the Trump character flaws of sexual predator, career criminal, flagrant liar, and tax cheat.

It doesn’t matter how Putin put the screws on Trump, either through blackmail or simply feeding Trump’s voracious lunging for any dollar to be made anywhere. One could make a dithering ass of oneself denying otherwise, go ahead, we’ve heard it all before: tax cuts for the rich help the economy, global warming is a hoax, racism in America is gone.

Another day of awful low background anxiety of what could happen to the country and our people, for of course the Republican Party and their dwindling numbers of enablers in the media insist that all is well, America is as normal as its ever been, our path is calm and righteous.

Except for the singular office of the Presidency any other executive would have been forced to resign long ago in a criminal plea deal that included exile and medication. The gravity of treachery, dereliction of duty and stinking slithering cowardice of American Republican Senators grows by the hour, god how the country needs then and how they have become Putin’s water boys, what a sickening tragedy.

Really, along with everything else that’s gone wrong watching the Republican Party disintegrate into babbling enabling treachery to precious principles that should be part of their American souls has been particularly hard.

Go ahead, Joni Ernst, live another day of fear and hiding into not owning up Trump is a total mental case with 82 impeachable counts of sickening behavior, he’s smashing up any department of the US government he can while cheating elections. You were an officer in the United States military, is this what all the service was for, all of your ethics and principles gone for criminal treachery? Jesus Christ.

Beleaguered, weary little people citizens can only hopelessly shrug in bewilderment and hope we somehow get through this as a functioning Democracy next January. Either Trump is impeached and convicted next year or he loses in November. If he doesn’t cheat the election again.

In all of this roaring calamity of felony and treachery at least one constant can be absolutely counted upon, Trump and his felon enablers will shout, scream and screech any possible lie or fabrication to somehow keep Trump out of chains.

Not only will they blithely accept the mantle of childish liars with nary a care, they’ll relentlessly gaslight you with amazing arrogance, who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

Here the advice of Sarah Kenzior becomes so crucial, honest little people of America, trust your inner instincts of truth and reality, Trump and the Republicans are scared, manipulative gaslighting liars. They are never to be trusted with any objective take on truth or reality, never, do not let them cloud the truth or shake your inner core of principles, they’re trying to confuse and discourage you.

Be prepared for a fresh hell of the very worst at any moment. We are in terrible times with the country off the rails, the President is a babbling mental case traitor enabled by Republicans, anything could happen that’s totally unexpected, just like the latest Syria disaster.

Trump is too stupid to cannily wag the dog, but of course arrogantly sure he can do so if the circumstances seem right. Be aware of frantic Trump and Republican distraction, especially violent minority scapegoating distraction, it’s a hallmark of fascist regimes.

Stay close and listen closely to the voices and souls you know to be honest and hold precious the foundation tenets of American Democracy. Honor those voices, support them and let them know the hope they represent to get out of this incredible mess is a great thing that will not be forgotten.

Know that your inner principles of American life cannot be shaken or taken from you, they will not be taken from any of us, despite this horrible spot the little people and American Democracy still have life and power. Our lives, voices and votes still matter, terrible things very well may lie before us, okay, we’re ready and nothing will ever make us give up on the truth, Democracy or the country, nothing.

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