Saturday :: Oct 19, 2019

US Journalism Contempt for Democrats Shining Through

by paradox

One of the most remarkable elements to the most sickening and putrid performances ever put forth by a Unites States public official yesterday—that would be Chief of Staff to the President Mick Mulvaney—was its manifest contempt and defiance to the US journalism corps.

President Trump and his loathsome enablers had been laughably yapping for weeks there was no quid pro quo in the Ukrainian transcript because the words quid…pro…quo…do not literally occur in the text. Just forget it, okay, we did extort the Ukrainians for a plain deliverable, and if it screamingly contradicts what Trump said the truth was for weeks screw you, this is the truth now.

Then another felony in announcing the G-7 at Trump’s Doral resort, we’ll lie about costs and say he won’t directly profit, even though of course vast benefits occur in publicity and prestige. It’s a plain crime but we’ll lie about it and demand you accept it, we have zero respect for your ability to push back, journalists.

Trump and his enablers obviously hate the press, they have the ability to confer truth about their fascist crimes and lies. A 40 year campaign of screeching and yelling by the Republican Party the American journalism corps has a liberal bias has completely worked, the US journalism corps is held in a total contempt as fools who can so easily be lied to, so surely trusted to somehow take it and shove it to the Democrats anyway

See the image above? That’s House Judiciary Chair Nadler, committee and staff trying out how to respond to a lying fascist in the form of Corey Lewandowski. The New York Times absolutely loved it and published it twice, the second time with numbers and definitions, sure that it’s a Rockwellian American classic in Democratic Party disarray.

The issue is that honest American legislators, naturally cautious and skilled for crafting legislation, were unable to handle a lying fascist who cares nothing for the rules, understandably so. One would think in a Democracy the presence of a lying fascist would be the issue, but not so with the New York Times.

This is just one of the latest examples of the New York Times email email email email transgressions against Democrats, approximately 10 days ago they published that Clinton Cash goon again, and after the pushback they trolled Democrats with a quack column about how to conform to Tulsi Gabbard politics.

For the millionth time, the US journalism corps is a corporate pack, their masters are in it for the money and they don’t like those regulating socialists in the Democratic Party. They've been yelled at for so long they have a liberal bias they’ve contorted themselves into a permanent flex of favoring Republicans and their Party.

Any time and day one can find Democratic Party journalism contempt anywhere, not just the New York Times. Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post was doing a credible job of describing the fascism of Mick Mulvaney when she barfed out this amazing paragraph:

Before we leave the subject of the 2016 election, let’s be very clear: Trump didn’t win so much as the Democrats lost. And, if they’re not very careful starting immediately — that is, if they don’t stop sounding like aliens whose implanted data receivers haven’t yet mastered the code for “Mainstream America” — they could lose again.

In the first place, Ms Parker, every single federal race in the United States is decided by majority rule—except that one famous exception. Hillary Clinton won by more that 3 million votes, but our system is busted and sometimes can produce a loser as the winner.

Secondly, it’s been amply proven Trump cheated Elections 2016 with the help of the Russians, then obstructed justice to hide it.

Thirdly, Hillary Clinton had to run with cement shoes in a journalism environment that, incredibly, made a major scandal out of totally minor email administration and endlessly blathered on about it, god it will have to be the most incompetent, stupid, unprofessional journalism election performance in the history of the United States.

So the federal mechanism for electing the President is busted, Trump grossly cheated, and the US journalism corps relentlessly persecuted Hillary Clinton over nothing. Yet Clinton and the Democrats are responsible for losing it.

Way to go, Kathleen Parker, you just made a complete intellectual ass of yourself, grossly misrepresenting the basic environment, totally leaving out mitigating factors and blaming the wrong entity for being stuck with out current fascist President.

Take it from an alien who sounds like a transplanted data receiver, Ms Parker. One supposes the truth really does sound like that to an American journalist, but she holds Democrats in such contempt we couldn’t get a straight answer if we asked her, she just can’t do it.

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