Tuesday :: Oct 29, 2019

US Journalism Failure & Justice for Election 2016

by paradox

I suppose it’s a bit out of step with the liberal base—and certainly with the White House—but I’ve kept my digital subscriptions to the New York Times and Washington Post. Their betrayal to truth and country is acidly deep, certainly there is an element of enabling to their duplicity in 21st century American fascism, but I keep the faith they can learn and grow into part of a new, better democracy for the little people starting January 2021.

It certainly isn’t easy, especially with days like today when Paul Krugman so astutely outlines appalling US journalism failure surrounding the US deficit and that lying squirrel Paul Ryan. Democrats are about to undergo a ruthless accounting for truth and fiscal balance, like Hillary Clinton they get a different set of journalism rules.

Think I’d let that failure go, US journalists? Heh. The wargasm that enabled war criminals Bush and Cheney, what you did to Secretary Clinton, your appalling deficit coverage, oh my god the faith is hard to keep so many mornings, yes.

Democracy dies in darkness, some dare to proclaim, clueless that useless diction for a possible future could never obviate the stinking performance of 2016 that is so greatly responsible for the horrifying fascist we now have as President. The New York Times publishes that Clinton Cash goon again in a sick arrogance that does nothing to shield the truth of what they’ve done, the furtive, angry hiding is a sad spectacle.

As Digby of Hullabaloo says a book could be written on the journalism failure of correctly conveying the truth of the Mueller report, here is another sorry journalism failure that for once has a chance of redemption and truth, albeit a tiny one.

As we now know the Attorney General of the United States is a lying, ludicrous fascist who censored the report and lied about it. The US journalism corps took it in like a lured striped bass and brayed the bullshit endlessly for days, no it’s not your fault Barr is a lying fascist but the record is still there of being played saps, sorry.

To this very day the US journalism corps cannot comprehend and convey the truth of the Mueller report, when he testified to Congress they totally blew it, they could not report the facts and ludicrously proclaimed it all a failure because he wasn’t some justice queen who could slay Trump in a great drama, what a terrible professional performance.

I’ve noticed that lately pathetic journalism attempts to at least keep the Mueller truth alive note the Mueller report precisely outlines 10 events of obstruction of justice, see, there really is substance to serious crime allegation here. For the love of god, truth, justice and the Holy Ghost if there’s obstruction of justice that has to mean there were crimes at their base in the cover-up!

Trump and his slimy cohorts committed crimes with a foreign power to cheat Election 2016. Then he committed crimes trying to cover it up. There was no way to prove criminal conspiracy is all this, so freaking what, the two sets of crimes are right there. That is the base truth of the Mueller report, it can never be hidden or obviated.

Watching the PBS Newshour last week I was greatly heartened to see Representative Jackie Speier, certainly no liberal bomb-thrower, precisely outline the hundreds of times the Trump campaign committed crimes with the Russians and this matter certainly will not kept out of the future impeachment count deliberations.

There is still a chance for a clean simple story of what Trump did in Election 2016 and the obvious horrifying result of a Russian asset President—if the impeachment count is written up. In an absolutely infuriating evasion of sickening childishness the answer we get from journalists that it wasn’t done right the first time because, get this, it’s complicated.

Oh my god, it’s a base core tenet of lawyers and journalists that their job is to take a complicated environment and distill the truth to an understandable, simple declaration. Complicated my ass, do your jobs for once, at least this time you might get another chance.

Given the courage and professionalism involved chances for a repeat of Election 2016 would be much smaller. Hillary Clinton was criminalized over a nothing email story, Trump cheated with the Russians, and the broken Electoral College inflicted our current fascist President on the country.

The truth itself is worthy, of course, but it will also carry a small measure of justice for the worst criminal election this country has ever seen. Small, but desperately needed and a lot better than nothing.

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