Sunday :: Nov 3, 2019

The Scope of What Trump has Done

by paradox

What did Richard Nixon do to trigger impeachment in the House?

He and his dim punk henchmen sabotaged the Democratic Party primary with filthy illegal tactics to get the opponent they wanted, then committed obstruction of justice trying to cover it up.

What has Donald Trump done to trigger his impeachment?

He and his dim punk henchmen sabotaged the 2016 general election with filthy illegal tactics, this time with the aid of foreign power, Russia, then committed obstruction of justice trying to cover it up. As soon as Trump’s goon Attorney General blared forth there was no proven conspiracy Trump attempted it again, this time with Ukraine.

The treachery of Benedict Arnold was planning to throw a battle, Richard Nixon’s to the pillar of clean elections in a Democracy, but Trump has upped the ante yet again by enlisting the help of a foreign power to throw elections --two!--so much greater and deeper in scope than what Arnold and Nixon did it almost defies description.

It’s been noted that the Constitution precisely outlines the scenario of what Trump has done, as if the Founders could see 250 years into the future to tell us what to do with him! What Trump has done is the very worst that could have ever been envisioned by the minds that shaped our country, he makes Arnold and Nixon look like furtive children in comparison.

[sighs deeply] What of our journalism cousins, our alleged guardians of truth, do they see the screaming crisis, are they warning our people every day of the immense dangers and possible solutions? Oh my god.

One of the reasons the United States is currently inflicted with its fascist Russian plant President is that our journalism corps is flat-out busted, the truth mechanism for the country doesn’t work, we know this from the way they went berserk over Secretary Clinton’s email server.

We also see it in the punditry at the Washington Post today, where we get sentences like “the parallels between 1974 and 2019 are inexact.” Ya think? We are in the worst political crisis of the Republic precisely warned to us by the Framers instigated by a mental patient ranting Russian plant and things aren’t exactly the same? Really?

Now, Mr. Greenberg, in its entirety it’s not a bad piece of work and Lord knows the populace sings with righteous grace an American journalist actually used history as an examination paradigm in their writing, wow, but you just can’t use a history lens and miss the galactic scope of what Trump has done, sir, no way.

At least he tried, the American journalism performance on the House impeachment vote was an absolute disgrace, not only did it miss the historical scope of what happened, they couldn’t even report the base truth of the Ukraine crimes for the trigger! It’s just a partisan Party fight, you see.

Seen from a historical little people perspective of the little people and Noam Chomsky, say, the American journalism corps has never really been any good with terrible performances to the truth just like this, a corporate, shallow, advertising swamp of giggling distraction to awful capitalistic exploitation.

Thus it still is, ever since the Internet and independent blogging voices half the conversation has been a vociferous criticism of pathetic American journalism, The Horse showed us the way and has not been forgotten. As always the Republic manages to muddle through, often through luck and deep resources, but we’re still here.

Currently crippled with a Russian plant President who should be in a robe and medication list somewhere instead of the White House, no doubt of that, but there is still is hope the Republic can get out of this still a basically functioning Democracy.

Enough to have a basically clean election in 2020 to get rid of all these lying Republican felons, certainly enough of the Democracy left to try and save the planet and the Republic for the little people. There is no case for total despair yet.

There are still voices of truth and history in the US journalism corps, like raisins in much gray dough, they can still deliver for the Republic. Many more reside in the Democratic Party and independent writers on the liberal web sites and Twitter, they too will help a great deal in getting us out of this terrible crisis.

The very worst political crisis the United States has ever seen led by lying fascist criminals horribly frightening in their gleeful capacity to smash the country and Democracy. Acknowledging that is first step in getting out of it.

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