Friday :: Nov 8, 2019

Even the Beltway Media Gets It

by paradox

Such was the astute observation of the sanguine MisterMix at Balloon Juice, referring the Trump Ukraine extortion scandal and our chattering, obtuse, gossiping pack of centrist Washington DC journalists.

It’s a huge deal, and doubtless one reason Nancy Pelosi decided to pull the trigger on impeachment, there has to be a way to clearly transmit the truth to the little people that cannot be tarnished or muddled, one would think that would always be the case with a journalism corps but the with myopic journalism failures America is stuck with one must fervently seize the window of professionalism once present.

These are the clowns that giddily carried Republican goon water into making Al Gore the Liar, completely blew the Iraq war run-up story under Bush, failed horribly with the Obama deficit story, and of course notoriously made up special Clinton Rules to be hugely responsible for the psychotic felon we now have as President.

They move in a self-conscious corporate pack, notoriously shortsighted and oblivious to history, making up an agenda on the fly and pathetically prone to manipulation. They impose ridiculous professional rules like both sides and whataboutism, clueless in their wandering failure and invested in their stupid story commitments—Al Gore is a liar, Hillary Clinton’s email server is nefarious, the Mueller report is so very very complicated. Once called on them, they stubbornly cling to them in glaringly distasteful stubbornness so they won’t lose face.

Into this warm beneficent environment of truth and serenity comes one Zach Beauchamp of Vox, a journalist allegedly outside the stupid dysfunctionality of the Beltway class because he’s on the web with that hotshot Ezra Klein. At least it’s an introspection on the infuriating centrist failure of the Beltway journalism, but sadly just a continuation of its wandering stupidity.

The fight over media bias never goes anywhere. None of the horrible failures we inflict on the country are our responsibility. Liberals say one thing, conservatives another, round and round we go, how boring.

Mr. Beauchamp, I have wartime military experience and a SJSU political science degree with one B on my transcript. I got a perfect 10 writing score on the GMAT for grad school. I revere the truth and science, I’d never knowingly pass on falsehood or manipulate the truth.

Furthermore, I cross-post at Daily Kos, they have serious standards for publishing, I can’t pass on conspiracy theories, casually lie about anything or personally attack someone, there are real standards of truth and decency I have to adhere to.

You equate me with those amped goons of hate at Reddit and Fox News who care nothing for the truth and viciously take our people down in any nasty human manner they can. Mr. Beauchamp, sir, know forever now the media criticism from either side is not the same, get it, and the only thing going round and round is your professional reputation as it circles down the toilet.

You also completely miss the focus of the criticism itself, liberals aren’t the whiny weenies in Republican circles, we don’t care if you publish dumb conservative voices like Marc Thiessen in some useless game of “bias,” we want you to basely do your jobs! Professionalism, truth, history, consistency, how can you be so oblivious to how American journalism has so vastly blown it?

[sigh] A stated at least the act of introspection is here, so sorely needed. It leads to Mr. Beauchamp’s root cause of all the rank failure, this absurd insular DC Beltway ideology of “centrism.” However one would want to label it lord is it a mess, his source is John Harris of Politico.

They revere the violence and horrid waste of militarism and consider criticism of the insanity unpatriotic. They’re absolutely clueless to the crude manual nature of politics and think only they have the keys to a fantasy environment of decorum. They’re allegedly liberal on social issues like same-sex marriage yet oblivious to the cruelty of inequality.

Just because I am passionate liberal in defense of the little people with my voice on the internet, well, I must be a ranting radical Party hack who’s criticism of journalism can be instantly chucked in the trash.

As Paul Krugman notes this morning at the New York Times DC centrists are completely stuck in the past, oblivious to how radicalized the Republican Party has become. I want our kids to eat, the Republicans want a lying fascist oligarchy under Trump.

Thank you again, Mr. Beauchamp, for the desperately needed examination of the horrid mess of Beltway journalism, however failed. My humble advice to you is to shut up on the topic in the future, if you can’t acknowledge failure and hold your people accountable you’re just enabling the awful continuing mess.

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