Tuesday :: Nov 12, 2019

About Being Triggered

by paradox

I hate to be a killjoy with one of the funniest stories of the Trump era and I run a serious risk of breaking a personally sacred internal rule with this episode, but I think I can be general enough with my story and there are two vital human and political elements here that are worthy of noting as fact and acknowledgement.

For totally unfathomable reasons Donald Trump Jr. thought being a lying criminal fascist who extorts and bribes foreign powers to cheat an election was a admirable path to follow in life, so he has an obnoxious trolling twitter account and wrote an manifestly awful book: Triggered, How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.

Heh, Junior went on a book tour in California and got relentlessly heckled by one of his own—heh, for precisely what he accused us leftist liberals of, shutting down free speech. Trump was either too afraid of looking stupid answering questions or embarrassed by the quack radicalism or both, so the audience chanted him off the stage, Junior’s enraged Fox News girlfriend telling the obnoxious losers this is why they date online, in person no woman could stand them, omg just priceless.

Of course the premise of the book is as absurd as the event itself, liberal leftists dream of nutrition, patchouli, peace, good jobs, cannabis, education and zero emission vehicles, our obnoxious Republican cousins are free to be whatever they wish as long as they’re voted into the minority. But what of this word triggered in the book title, and why is it being used as a verb? I’m afraid here is where the story gets very unfunny and tragically difficult.

Triggered is a manifestation and event of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, PTSD. A horrifying life-threatening event occurs in life that permanently scars and damages the brain, a series of the nightmare memories gets mentally cemented into place and then put on endless relentless debilitating replay, hour after hour, day after day, year after year, the horror just replays in your head.

To try and understand imagine taking a spontaneous road trip with the love of your life to get an ice cream, and for whatever foolish reason neither of you decide to wear seat belts. You could never see the slick at night but it swerved you into a head-on and your love is ejected through the windshield and hit by another vehicle, you tried to hold her hand with blood in your eyes but it didn’t matter, she was already gone.

In my own event for a full initial year the memories would make me cringe and flinch, I’d just be sitting there and my shoulders would jerk or head tilt with a twist, heart racing from the horror. After enough years pass and somehow you still mentally make it things settle down to a manageable level.

But being in a car is never the same again, and one day as a passenger you get T-boned in a minor crash but it’s as if the initial horror of the first crash happened, and terribly the memory set on auto-play starts again with vicious vividness, over and over again all day oh god all month oh no all year, you’ve been triggered into another PTSD event.

[sigh] President Trump is a known admitted sexual predator credibly accused of rape many times. Lord knows far, far too many millions of our women have suffered horrifying sexual crimes that smashed them into the realm of PTSD. When a sexual criminal like Trump becomes President just the sound of his voice can trigger them into a terrible mental anguish that could easily last for years.

Normal, sane humans would of course compassionately do anything they could to avoid causing a trigger, but for a bully or Machiavellian manipulator it’s a vast sign of weakness, a lever of vicious brutal power. To these sickos it’s also a huge source of fun to mentally degrade an opponent, see Troll Nation by Amanda Marcotte.

I apologize with every atom of my being to the women of our nation for having such vicious unfeeling thugs as Trump and his slimy Junior out there causing a trigger with their beyond-awful behavior. Its unconscionable one would use it in a book title for their slime but we’re doing everything we can to throw them out.

For you, Donald Trump Junior, I have a warning. How I so wish I could mete out other judgments, but for now know you and your father have tripped a political intensity wire among our women with a nuclear burn. You actually dare to provoke them with a book title with triggered, well, after the 2020 election getting booed off a stage will seem like a quaint tea party.

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