Wednesday :: Nov 13, 2019

An Affinity for White Nationalism

by paradox

One of the queasiest questions of the Trump era, unthinkable just five years ago, is completely valid now: is this what it was like in Germany 1933?

American political science has long been fascinated with the birth and dominance of German fascism, an interesting history, yes, but primarily a worried comparison to American politics, it’s long been noted how the two countries are very similar. Americans are good with the Germans in denial, too, many of the racist tenets and eugenics of Nazism were copied from early 20th century American racism.

Two screaming warnings from German fascism acceptance still ring loudly in 2019: it will creep on you, and the trappings of outward civility and progress mean nothing.

A radical overtaking of Democracy in an industrialized society by criminal thugs does not happen in a flash, not hardly, it happens so apparently slowly and incrementally it can be very difficult to see it happening right in front of you.

The sun still rises every day, everyone still goes to work, the same holidays and festivals roll around as usual, the food in the stores in still good. The new concentration camps in Arizona are far away, even in Arizona they don’t care.

Americans have the greatest history of Democracy in the world, the President flies in an amazing 747, symphonies and universities abound, and Navy fleets of astounding power roam the world with Silicon Valley blazing a great computing future.

So? If your political leadership is overtaken by criminal fascism none of the fancy edges of civilization will help you or stop the regression, a new MacBook Pro won’t stop treachery with Russia or voter suppression in Georgia.

It also won’t do a damn thing to stop the horrifying racism and white nationalism currently employed by our modern American fascists, one of whom is Stephen Miller, speechwriter and advisor to the President of the United States, revealed yesterday in released emails as a good student to Adolf Hitler.

That’s not hyperbole or exaggeration at all, Stephen Miller is a full-blown all-out racist fascist. It’s mind-blowing and a screaming klaxon American Democracy is going down.

Right? Not according to American media (so long the scorn of American fascists for being liberal, what a sick joke) in what turns out to be another blaring screaming siren to the death of American Democracy, they just completely ignored the story from the Southern Law Center and the modern American creep of fascism continued horribly apace with the lights off, Democracy Dies in Darkness.

Despite my assurance American fascism is real I’m positive there are many who write it off as a liberal bomb throw. David Brooks, of all people, was on the PBS Newshour weeks ago and said the warnings for American fascism were very real. If you think American fascism isn’t on the creep and that we could lose the Democracy forever, for the love of Benjamin Franklin snap out of it!

Gratitude and a link again to Amanda Marcotte of Salon, who correctly sees the fascism creep and calls out our terrible journalism corps for ignoring it. She’s correctly hard on our people for the wrong attitude and take on the terrible news, but at least they didn’t ignore it, and the correct imagery was used by Balloon Juice and passed on here.

I would ask any reader what Amanda requested, take the baton and pass it on, spread the news and alarm, the American fascism creep is real.

As to the state of being to current American fascism, I would say as a good student of history and political science we are on the very brink of losing the Democracy. American Democracy is in catastrophe, the Executive is a career criminal lying fascist traitor, and in another glaring Nazi comparison has a stranglehold of fear in his Party to enable him.

Clueless, corporate and comically in denial most American media outlets enable him too, not only in participating in the creep but in being so easily manipulated. The Washington Post quantifies 15 bazillion Trump lies, does that stop the fascist from lying every day? No.

Dudes, will you finally comprehend that no matter how simple and stupid propaganda becomes it’s still incredibly effective? Trump is using you to repeat the lies, all Trump wanted from Zelensky of Ukraine were three magic words, seriously, once he had them he would have used you to knife Joe Biden.

Trump and as many Republicans as possible must be defeated in 2020 for American Democracy to be rebuilt, assuming Trump survives impeachment. We’re in our worst political crisis ever, but man it’s good to the Raiders playing well again, eh?

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