Friday :: Nov 15, 2019

Well, There’s Still Mom & Apple Pie

by paradox

Rodney Dangerfield had a routine about having a terrible week, he’d assume this voice as a god of life and intone Oh I got you this time, buddy, oh yeah, you’re drinking early today.

Oy I know the feeling, it seems impossible for the country to lose its way in another dimension but the Houston Astros have been caught cheating in baseball.

Is nothing in America ever accomplished honestly anymore? Cheating is precisely what happened in election 2016, as sure as the sunrise Trump cheated with the Russians to throw the election and committed obstruction of justice when caught.

Trump himself said it would be the end of his presidency, but incredibly cheated justice again with the Mueller report, he censored it like any good KGB thug and then manipulated our pathetic political journalism corps with childish ease. The truth of the cheat and theft of Democracy is still plainly right there, but reading is tough on our journalism corps, the report is long. Complicated, also, yeah don’t forget that.

The plain truth of Trump being a Russian Putin asset is right around us every minute too, my god, but these same morons who helped criminalize Hillary Clinton with that email server story cluck at Democrats instead that the impeachment hearings are dull. Ay yi yi you’re drinking early, pulling your hair out or like me, coping by taking my pill and going to the gym.

Baseball was a refuge, a clean honest place of accomplishment and often good athletic drama. It has huge intellectual dimensions in writing and statistics, and then plays out over many months into a classic American sports tournament. Houston was the champion last year and almost again this year, they regularly hammered my beloved Oakland A’s, this is beyond messed up.

Since I’m not an American journalist I will succinctly simplify the known issue without degrading integrity of fact, it’s quite possible some readers are curious as to what precisely happened.

Baseball teams develop private internal sign languages to communicate pitch type and baserunner decisions. Pitch type to batter has always been regard as rightfully totally secret, the catcher won’t let a batter see the sign or let a baserunner pass it on—most often the sign language is hand movement and finger display.

In a funny baseball quirk the sign language for baserunning is not held as sacrosanct as pitch type. To steal/not steal or pitching out to stop the steal is nowhere near as critical to game outcome as pitch type, to just observe from the dugout with eyesight and steal a sign is considered a wily, wise skill. The best I ever saw at this was Dusty Baker managing the San Francisco Giants, he just knew with amazing innate knowledge right when a steal sign was given.

What the Houston Astros (astronauts, Houston Space Center) did, however, was to position a pitch spy in the outfield with magnified vision and a phone. The spy would know the sign for curveball/offspeed pitches and steal the sign from the catcher, then communicate to another accomplice on the other end of the line.

That second accomplice would then post the pitch type in the park, there’s a hundred ways to do it. The Astros got caught in one scenario by banging loudly with sound signals, a curveball is coming so bang bang bang from the dugout, here it comes.

That’s not wily observation, it’s plain cheating and I’m really upset. Football has serious injury and militarism issues, the NBA gets developed talent from a modern plantation, baseball has problems but was relatively clean and now this has horribly tainted it all, way to go, Houston.

Just as an aside the Astros completely disgraced themselves this year by horribly berating a female sports reporter after a game for wearing a domestic abuse awareness token. Millions of American women love baseball but have had a very hard time and faced serious sexism trying to get baseball jobs in writing and broadcasting.

The Astros had hired a pitcher with domestic violence history, he was in a postseason game and an Astros executive went ballistic after the game on the issue in front of the reporter with the token, it was a badly disturbing mental and sexism episode. The Astros lied about it with the brazenness of Sean Spicer and then fired the ranting executive.

Even after that episode I never expected outright cheating of the sport from the Astros. I guess I’ll write to my Mother, she likes my letters, and bake an apple pie again, I wasn’t satisfied with the results last week. Take my pill, go to the gym.

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