Wednesday :: Nov 27, 2019

Trump’s Lawless Intransience Enabled by the Court

by paradox

That’s not what the headline says in the Washington Post, of course, they say the court “eviscerates” him. Heh, naturally they’re correct in the narrow view of the court opinion, but what actually happens to that lying con President we have when the court eviscerates his fascist political tenets?

Nothing. Yes we all the know the American judicial process, no matter how loony or Orwellian Trump is still entitled to an appeal, so appeal he will, a stay is granted and the wheels of American justice remain stuck in maddening futility.

How shocking the American populace instantly knocks back whiskey and antidepressants taking in this wreck. A lying con man becomes President on a technicality, he breaks the law with impunity, he gets sued to force him to comply, the court ridicules his childish fascism, and then nothing happens. Hello tequila!

I’ve noticed in a wide array of publications participate in a kind of fun game of what the Democrats should if they win it all in 2020, not an unlikely scenario. Chalk this Presidential appeal issue onto the electoral reform plank at #25, yes there was a law to force the President to turn over his taxes but a felon like Trump rendered it moot with appeal.

Write a new law if y’all win it all that says if a President is a felon to whom the law means nothing all his appeals are on Super Expedite, no more than 30 days at any level to hand down a decision after appeal. Please.

There’s a line of thinking that although Trump is a horrifying new flavor of fascism in the long run it’s a good thing, the American electorate will be so repelled the Republicans will be wiped out in 2020 to deliver a unified Democratic government that chucks the Senate filibuster. Dancing in the streets, real reform and government, even Susan Sarandon happy.

Could be. A desperate shred of tiny hope in the present, I’m afraid, it does nothing to stop the lying fascist who pays off porn stars and cheats elections now. Element #34978 to this thermonuclear catastrophe of Trump is the utter contempt and scorn Trump has for the rule of law, he has a sociopathic profile of possessing no shame while the Republicans enable him and the courts are hamstrung. What kind of example does this show for the rest of the country?

It’s not an abstract question. Approximately 90% of the American souls reading this are of course happy and morally comfortable obeying the law, but for many reasons a significant chunk of the American population are not. Since the President is a flaming crook who always gets away with it, what moral implications are stopping me or anyone else from breaking the law?

Or just cheating on taxes, our government needs revenue to function, if the President is a tax cheat then why shouldn’t everyone else be?

This really gets horrifying when the Republican Party goes beyond enabling tax cheats and decides the rule of law is meaningless for Trump in bribery, extortion, lying, and obstruction of justice. That’s precisely the road we appear to be on now, for the holy love of God if that’s acceptable, then why wouldn’t rigging or stealing the 2020 election be?

This is why writers like David Cay Johnston, Lawrence Lewis, Paul Krugman and yours truly have been flying the flag upside down and frantically ringing the bell that we are on a precipice of fascism, if the Republicans acquit Trump we’ll be officially in the Anything Goes zone.

The rule of law will have become a moot joke, the pathetic Republican lying and rationalizations just making it worse. Of course they’ll know it, and the vicious searing criticism will make them defensive and lose face. At that point they could easily say the hell with it, this is who we are and the liberals are never winning it all in 2020, shut down the Democracy and force a Trump win, whatever it takes.

Why would it really matter? They already enabled a sexual predator tax cheat election-cheater felon, the deed’s already been done. Right?

Happy Holidays. Taking my pill and going to the gym, I can only fervently pray that the election mechanisms for 2020 remain clean, we should get out of this if the Republicans can’t cheat the election. Meantime we can all just look over the edge, oh my god that’s a long, long, long way down to crash.

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