Friday :: Dec 27, 2019

Obstruction of Congress Won’t Work in the Senate, Mitch

by paradox

After a few years of investing literally trillions of dollars with no armies or navies to engage in the US military occasionally sets up serious war games with ruthlessly objective observers to see if the thinking and strategizing behind that vast fortune of equipment could actually accomplish something if needed.

They say to one group here are your assets, the objective is not too difficult, show us how you’ll do it. Then they give the scenario to a capable defense mind and such a person almost always blows up and makes a total farce of the attacking plan scenario, usually the planning in the objective phase misses or underestimates critical environment factors and the defense exploits it.

To see how this works the attack planners in phase 1 with total confidence state they’ll obliterate three supporting airfields with missile strikes, they did it before with clean results from the observers.

But in that previous scenario the airfields were surrounded in mountainous terrain, this time the airfields are in relatively open towns. The attack planners completely underestimate the capabilities of the C-17, the US Air Force spent an incredible fortune to make that lift aircraft very tough, powerful and capable on very short airfields, pavement not necessary.

So the attackers blow up the three airports, but on defense they immediately see two completely wide-open airstrips on the edge of the towns, a C-17 can easily handle the straight roads. They fly in after the attack, support the forces that were supposed to be cut off and blow up the attack plan. It almost always happens, it’s just too easy to underestimate or simply not see the environment to plan in.

This is precisely what’s happened to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, he and the Trump administration gamed out a defense on impeachment, the developing environment drastically changed after the first tactic failed and obstruction of Congress will never happen in the Senate for Trump impeachment, there will be Trump administration witnesses and documents submitted for the Senate impeachment trial.

The House impeachment defense was a childish, fascist move of total obstruction, call it all a farce and refuse to participate. It’s backfired and support for impeachment was significantly moved up. McConnell confidently stated two weeks the House strategy would work and it would all be shut down in a week.

Ah, no. The empirical impeachment vote represents a totally serious expression to the will of the American people that could not be appreciated until it actually happened, okay the House Republicans acted like Pee-Wee fascists but that was for the indictment, the indictment happened, now what for the trial?

A trial is not an indictment phase, McConnell, everyone expects administration witnesses and documents in a trial, is the US Senate actually going to blow up the Constitution like the House Republicans tried to?

Given the ruthless obsession with power McConnell has demonstrated before many would call that an obvious yes, but this time he’s trapped by leverage from Speaker Nancy Pelosi he and Trump simply didn’t see coming at all, nor did any pundit observers.

Until a totally fair Senate trial is set up for impeachment there’s nothing at all that says or stops Pelosi from actually letting it start, Trump and McConnell simply didn’t see the leverage and she’ll let them twist out there for months if necessary in their frantic rationalizations for a fascist impeachment trial until they give in, they have no alternative, none.

The ultimate strategy objective for Trump and McConnell was to make impeachment go quickly away, every day they shout Nancy can’t let them makes them look weak and childishly guilty.

So obstruction of Congress in the Senate will fail, there will be a real trial with Bolton and Mulvaney testimony. 99% of observers say with total confidence the Republicans will then acquit anyway, denying reality and embracing criminal fascism is their only choice with the rabid Republican base and their desire to stick it to the filthy liberals.

Please, everything we’ve seen about gaming strategy out screams its uncertainty and unpredictability.

Everyone just assumes Trump will mentally hold it together as he always fights back, fights back, fights back every hour as the truth and guilt relentlessly gets pounded home every day, but what if he doesn’t? What if he totally breaks down and he resigns to cover up the literal insanity, seriously, and shouts the game was rigged, he couldn’t win!

Stranger things have happened. Predictions that Trump will survive impeachment or remain unscathed are totally meaningless. All we can say now is that Trump obstruction of Congress has failed for the Senate impeachment phase, there will be a real trial.

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