Sunday :: Jan 5, 2020

$8 Billion in Ships & 7,000 Sailors Lost Kind of War

by paradox

I am rarely so foolish as to predict the future but in my last work I couldn’t help it, all I know of American politics showed a very good bet for no obstruction of Congress with a full Senate trial in Trump’s impeachment, and oh my god it was so satisfying to write, the situation was out of control for Trump with no sure outcome.

Donald Trump is a lying, predator criminal with a finely honed feral instinct for filthy fighting and survival, he knew it too and we all know what happened, he completely blew up the impeachment strategy by allegedly starting a war with Iran.

For a little person watching from home the bewildering stupidity and lying is so depressing. Trump did a terrible thing for massive distraction, now many more will die from American weapons in total futility, and for the love of Jefferson the rank liars spouting the awful lines of untruth about it should be horsewhipped through the streets, there was an imminent threat, we’re all safer, god the sick contempt our leadership has for the American people almost defies comprehension.

The little people can’t even get a straight answer if the United States is at war or not, more than a few flatly state that a hot war is on by assassinating a major Iranian general, while former officials like Susan Rice say we’re on the precipice.

Well, our orange idiot President has already threatened 52 Iranian targets if the Iranians retaliate for the killing of General Soleimani, of course the Iranians say they’re going to retaliate, so for those looking on it certainly seems as if the war is hot. With all due respect, Ms. Rice.

What target or targets the Iranians choose is anyone’s guess, the hits could come at any time, and our people should be ready for the utter horror of it, no one has any idea what could happen. The Iranians could easily inflict catastrophic damage on the United States Navy as a choice of targets, roughly $8 billion worth of ships and 7,000 sailors could be lost in the Straight of Hormuz in an hour.

I enlisted in the Navy and have an excellent historical knowledge of all its existence, and naturally I keep on all the new ships and weapons systems. The US Navy is an amazing array of complexity and technology that costs an incredible fortune, it bears study, and in scenarios like the new Iran war Navy projection of power is at the forefront of military planning.

There are few words more important or enticing to the military mind than this: target. Oh the US Navy has created the greatest targets the world will ever see, a carrier battle group in the Straight of Hormuz worth approximately $8 billion in hulls, $4 billion in equipment and 7,000 sailors aboard in just around 6 ships, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier the primary ship.

Right out in the open with nowhere to hide, of course the Navy could blast any opposing sea force out of the way if threatened, but in the Strait they’re completely under the umbrella of land-based anti-ship missiles from numerous sites and countries. Basically Navy weaponry and defenses are in the missile age, in tactical Navy battle almost everything revolves around what each side’s missiles can do.

Yet none of this incredible array of missile weaponry and arms has ever been real-time battle-tested in any sense. USS Stark got blasted by an Exocet missile once, it just sat there and watched it come in, and the British Navy had serious missile hits in the Falklands, but that’s just the tiny empirical evidence we have of missile ship combat.

Since that time many countries have developed new and much more powerful missiles than the Exocet, most notably our good friends the Russians. The US Navy remains confident they have the anti-missile capability to counter those missiles by projecting carrier battle groups. I do not.

That lack of confidence stems not at all from weapons capability or dedication of US Navy personnel, but rather from all the total unknowns. The US Navy thinks it has an accurate inventory of Iranian anti-ship missiles, but they could easily be in the total dark about what missiles the Iranians actually have.

The US Navy thinks it has a solid understanding of missile tactics. I have a vast appreciation for the cunning and deviousness of the ruthless military mind, the US Navy could easily be fooled by tactics and then ambushed by missiles in the Straight, $8 billion worth of ships lost and 7,000 sailors killed in an hour.

In that scenario we all hope a berserk mental case Trump chooses 52 targets and doesn’t nuke Tehran. Killing enough Iranians while endlessly provoking them could easily make the Iranians choose an aircraft carrier as a target. USS Abraham Lincoln was in the Straight in November.

For now one hopes impeachment moves forward as planned, the screws relentlessly applied until a full fair Senate trial will commence. If Trump survives it will inflict immense, incalculable damage to him and the Republican Party, at least that outcome is totally clear.

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