Thursday :: Jan 9, 2020

If You Build It They Will Use It

by paradox

It may seem hard to believe but only 78 years ago the United States still clung fiercely to the American Democracy pillar of possessing no standing army, even after WWI the Army and Navy were essentially stripped down as the military buildup to WWII raged all around us.

A full standing Army and Navy in peace was seen as an inevitable corrosive force on American politics, it costs an incredible fortune that had to distort internal politics with graft and stupid aggressive posturing. Just as dangerous was the knowledge having the military always fully ready would mean it would always inevitably be used.

Peace through strength, Ronald Reagan proclaimed, just another rank Republican lie that has knifed the country. Since our foray into instant-ready global militarism it has delivered Korea, Vietnam, 2 Gulf Wars, Afghanistan and maybe Iran, a screaming catastrophe of futility, death and wasted treasure.

The endless wars America stayed out of in Europe have shifted to the Middle East in our times, and the fierce warning of build it and they will use it has tragically come true for the United States.

So much incredible power is vested to the Presidency in the American military. That sure worked out well too, didn’t it? As long as that lying felon Russian plant Trump is in office the ultimate nightmare of nuclear conflagration is frighteningly real, let alone a new war that could start at any moment.

The American militarism insanity shows no sign of abatement anywhere, politically it has become totally acceptable to both American political parties that increased military spending is always a good fine thing. 2020 saw the staggering Defense budget of $718 billion (!), many Democrats pleased with the deal where federal workers finally got paid family leave. The country got a fifth branch of the military for it, the Space Force.

The only Democratic Party candidate running for President to raise objection over all the insanity was Berne Sanders, Senator from Vermont, who published in the Washington Post. If any other Democratic Party candidates objected it was completely lost in all the noise of other political news.

The Democratic Party may yet represent real peace and drastically reduced military spending if they win a unified government in 2020, Americans are completely weary of endless wars and want out of the Middle East through renewable energy. The real ray of hope of change, however, shines out from the roaring climate change crisis bearing down more heavily on the country every day.

The United States has only 10 years to reach a needed stated goal of zero carbon emissions. All of the internal combustion engines have to be junked, a new grid has to be hooked into renewables, new forging techniques have to be found, and a new electric national rail system built.

The United States can do it, certainly, the needed funds are sitting right there in insane Defense budget. Eventually the issue will come down to an easy equation, do the American people want a planet we can survive on or more tanks and aircraft carriers so we can kill more humans in endless stupid wars for global warming oil?

After 40 years of American dominant conservative politics it can be fairly stated the Democratic Party is an emerging state, American conservatism is an obvious disaster and in decline. Throw in crises in health care and inequality with climate change and there has to be a new Democratic Party political agenda that forces a drastic decline in Defense spending. Right?

That’s the great hope, anyway, for now it’s all Space Force away. While millions of our kids are hungry in lives of terrible waste and potential lost the Navy got $20 billion for 2 new aircraft carriers. They used to cost $10 billion but the Navy wanted electric catapults so they got them, just for those catapults the Navy spent $10 billion more and knocked out other ship production. Members of Congress are concerned.

Build them and they will use them, that much has been proven totally true. After the last horrifying 10 days it’s also totally proven American leadership repeatedly lied to all of us on the start of another potential horrifying Middle East war. Again.

Just for that infuriating lying from the President and Secretary of State the Department of Defense should get a budget of no more that $400 billion. Maybe, in some other epoch of peace and sanity, climate change and rebuilding the country will get it there.

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