Thursday :: Jan 23, 2020

There will always be whispers and shame. That’s not nothing.

by paradox

The human experience can be very strange sometimes, one wouldn’t think Major League Baseball would provide a vivid real-time lesson in our current impeachment drama but that’s precisely the case.

For those who don’t know the American baseball community recently has been absolutely rocked by a cheating scandal originating from the Houston Astros, when the President constantly cheats and lies he leads the nation, so this behavior should soon be expected from all cherished American institutions. Right?

Technicalities aside, the Astros got caught, the Red Sox likely soon will be, and the last two World Series titles are completely tainted, they’re useless trophies of lousy human character. How did MLB handle this?

Behind closed doors, of course, and being totally owned by bazillionaire owners naturally kissed the ass of the offender, he kept his trophies, paid a minimal fine and then fired his baseball management. Incredibly, he stated the world series titles weren’t tainted, god this amazing gaslighting, yes they are tainted, you manipulative lying cheater, may the universe save us from these brazen lying gaslighters.

Now the entire American baseball community belatedly and in some bewilderment just has to accept the truth and the ludicrous consequences, this is accountability and justice, are you kidding me?

Wear it, little people baseball fans, and if you’ve got the moxie to object, shove it. Sound familiar? Whether they hear evidence and accept documents or not our Republican Senator cousins now find themselves precisely in the same spot as MLB, they’re going to tell us the sky is green, let off a cheating crook with no consequence or justice, and then walk on in life as if nothing happened, it’s all good!

A hurting baseball community in the Bay Area recently inundated the mailbox with the issue to one of the top five baseball writers in the United States, Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, and she had something extremely pertinent to say about a gross miscarriage of justice rammed home with lies and no accountability.

There will always be whispers and shame. That’s not nothing.

What she means is that Republican Senators will no longer walk and be conscious in the country as free good people. There is no escaping the truth they will have done a terribly filthy thing for a odious dangerous criminal, everywhere they go, every day, the whispers will always follow them.

Republicans used to believe in sexual morality and the law, this Senator sold out both to that orange criminal. There goes that Senator who’s a traitor to America by helping Trump and the Russians. That Senator, gosh, she sold out the constitution with lies to a Russian traitor.

The truth has a ruthless irrevocable force, as Jennifer Rubin noted in the Washington Post these childish Republican Senators live in a Fox News impeachment bubble of lying and denial and actually think it will work when they step out of it into the rest of the country.

Real citizens of honor and integrity are going to sneer in your faces, Republican Senators, when they’re not looking at you with bewildered disgust. Others will whisper behind your back of the lying, treachery and hypocrisy, you’ll feel it wherever you go. Then that awful creeping shame will enter in, you damn well knew better but hooked your soul and career to the worst criminal President we have ever seen, good god.

You just assumed all the lying and injustice you ignored would mean nothing going into the future, how wrong you were. You’re about to irrevocably degrade your entire life future as an American in the United States, how you ever twisted your mind and soul to make that decision bewilders us all, but it’s your life.

There will always be whispers and shame. You’re about to find out how much that will ruin your American life and career, with never any way to fix it or make it right. You totally chose it, nothing was forced on you to do it, that will be the most horribly damning element of it all.

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