Wednesday :: Feb 12, 2020

Goose, Meet Gander

by Deacon Blues

It should come as no surprise that Senate Republicans have no stomach to conduct congressional oversight over AG Bill Barr's direct circumvention of prosecutorial decisionmaking as it relates to friends of, and witnesses against Donald Trump.

Lindsey Graham said he will not open hearings on the matter, which is to be expected. But just remember this when we see in the future what Graham DOES want to open hearings on. For example, does Lindsey want to open an investigation against White House whistleblowers, but not Barr's flagrant political acts to protect the president? These were the same guys who barfed over Loretta Lynch's tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, but they see nothing wrong with turning the Department of Justice into Donald Trump's mob boss law firm.

And somehow the laughable Louisiana GOP Senator John Kennedy believes that the matter resulted from a "miscommunication" between the prosecution team which has been working this case before Barr was installed, and the senior DOJ political leadership.

“There was a miscommunication between the frontline prosecutors and their supervisors. You can’t even indict a public figure without talking to upper-levels at Justice,” said Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), a Judiciary Committee member.

Kennedy is admitting here that Senate Republicans believe all prosecutions against Trump allies must be approved by Barr and his top political appointees. That's a new standard, and totally emblematic of a DOJ whose primary role is to protect Trump and the GOP, and not to be the chief law enforcement agency in the country.

Keep this in mind when the next Democratic president takes office. The GOP can no longer complain if a President-elect Bernie Sanders or Amy Klobuchar names a AG nominee who is committed first and foremost to progressive causes and going after the GOP in pursuit of an overtly Democratic agenda. Both Kennedy and Graham, and the rest of the GOP have just green-lighted this, and have no beef when the next Democratic AG launches a scorched-earth accountability campaign against Beltway Republicans and the Trump family.

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