Sunday :: Apr 5, 2020

Two Things You Should Know, Joe

by paradox

I always thought that line that Trump could murder someone broad daylight in the middle of 5th avenue and still retain the rabid support of his base to be, well, total malarkey. The bright line of loyalty had to be adherence to military lives, if Trump stupidly started a war and then obviously lied about the deaths of 5,000 troops he had to be gonzo with the Republican base.

In an amazing life twist it almost has happened, Captain of USS Theodore Roosevelt put his career on the line for the lives of his crew and promptly lost it, outraging serious base Republican militarist elements, believe you me they are fanatically serious about it, it’s the only part of the government they believe works.

The Navy admiralty has failed again, since they couldn’t keep their ships from incessantly smashing into others naturally they flopped it when in a political bind, the President wants no public news of Navy ships in covid-19 trouble so if a carrier gets infected with 5,000 souls aboard, oh well.

Any little person instantly gets the brutal authoritarian shaft here, Trump the mob boss views the military as a family extension of useful violence, god help anyone who goes public with the dirty laundry.

This filthy, lying, virulently disgusting #44,432 episode of the Trump presidency just barely did not cross base loyalty line, however, since no serious amounts of life were lost. Had we lost even 100 sailors at least 20% of the Republican base wouldn’t vote in the 2020 election, bye bye Trump.

Anyway, sorry for the meander, this work was supposed to be for Mr. Joe Biden, very soon to be presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. This is happening quietly in the smashing maelstrom all around us, that’s fine, but I still think it’s important for you to know two total modern American facts, Vice President Biden.

First is that your victory path to nomination was of a total circumstantial and history driven energy, there was nothing in your campaign that could inspire anyone to even buy a bagel. Why is that?

Because of that weak, flaccid response of yours to the Trump Ukrainian ratfucking, that’s why, some moron mired in the past gave you advice Americans hate all the political fighting so posture yourself here as someone who can still get along, even when they attack your son.

God we’ve seen this Obama movie, yes you can win an election with it, but the Republicans are now essentially controlled by their mob Fox base, they’ll hate you with the fervor of a thousand suns if you win and sabotage anything you do.

Your job isn’t to get along with the lost authoritarian Republicans, it’s to beat them with our 2021 Senate majority—the filibuster finally forever gone—to implement a new liberal American agenda that always puts the little people first. That’s your only job, waver one iota from it and the country will have the wearying and tragic experience of Executive failure again.

The second thing you should know, Mr. Biden, involves a little story of mine, you’ll have to forgive another meander here, sir, sorry.

I live in Santa Clara county, California, where the median income of 1,700,000 souls is approximately $124,000. At my totally ho-hum 24 Hour Fitness parking lot half a mile away—when it was open—it was completely routine to see BMW, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Audi, freaking Maserati, seriously, parked in the lot stripes. Many had to be leases, yes, but still…

But about 9 weeks ago not forty yards away out front of the Starbucks a homeless guy parked his small truck and for whatever reason flew a big American flag from one window. He stayed there, and then another homeless car parked 20 yards away.

Then a homeless shelter RV parked next to the flag guy, then more guys brought a table and then I swear to god we had a hobotown right there in the parking lot, guys sleeping flopped in chairs, furtive campfires drifting smoke past a Tesla.

Eventually after around 3 weeks enough complaints dispersed our Target shantytown, it’s in the lot next door. You had to see it to believe it, Mr. Biden, I never ever thought I’d see America degrade to conditions like that.

When I had a job you could walk into the breakroom and see the federal posted minimum wage at $7 an hour. If it had been indexed to inflation it would be $22 an hour.

I don’t think you know or see just how desperate, brutal and hard American life has become for our little people, Vice President Biden. We can’t even give their children a viable atmosphere anymore, let alone any kind of real life.

So congratulations on your nomination, sir. There is never going to any reconciliation with the Republicans and our little people are getting smashed to oblivion into shantytowns, I just thought those were two things you should know, Joe.

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