Thursday :: Apr 9, 2020

Yes, A Supreme Court Justice Can Be Impeached

by paradox

Words can scarcely do justice to what a terrible, terrible day yesterday was for the United States of America, yet again the little people were inflicted with authoritarian ruthlessness from the Supreme Court, this time that there was nothing special about Wisconsin’s election, so get out there and risk your life to vote.

The sky is green, in other words, and because we don’t give a damn about truth, reality or even your basic life we’ll smash the Republic with the insanity of it. Honest, upright citizens spitting with rage while calling Justice Roberts a murderer, an election hopelessly ruined and skewed, instant fear and dread about what this could mean for the 2020 general election.

Every writer has in their head a stovetop of bubbling stories they’re watching or tending to, one of mine is that god-awful-infuriating Trump tax return story. The glacially slow process has finally reached a conclusion and any week now we should get a Supreme Court decision on whether Trump has to release his tax returns.

We got a warning from one of the real Justices on the Court, Justice Sotomayor, who let us know February 22nd she was disgusted with the stupid, obvious sycophancy of the Roberts Court when it came to any Trump-related litigation. The story was to get ready for another stinking Supreme Court abomination, by all appearances the Roberts court is nothing but a bunch of drooling proto-fascists, willing to deny any truth or justice just so long as they could ruin the country as they wish.

Well, spike that story, the Roberts Wisconsin decision left no doubt they’re just a bunch of killer quacks with no regard to anything but they’re lying, brutal repressive power.

I’m sorry, but after yesterday it’s extremely likely the Roberts Court will let Trump hide his taxes, no matter what putrid denial reality it takes to get there. Again, words hardly serve, the law is as plain as the sky is blue, but the Roberts Court will insist the sky is green again.

For some it’s puzzling the Roberts proto-fascists would be so nakedly stupid and regressive for just a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat on the line. In the Republican proto-fascist mind judicial opportunity to stomp elections are relatively rare, if the opportunity exists take it, every single time without question.

Smashing the law and Democracy in plain sight requires massive environment enabling, of course, the US journalism corps a bunch of useless flops again. Your storyline isn’t that the Roberts Court sided with Wisconsin Republicans, it’s that the Roberts Court said the sky was green to cheat an election again.

The Court did it in 2000, they did it yesterday and obviously they’ll instantly do it in the 2020 election if they can. Election 2020 has been rightly described as an existential election, everything is on the line for the Democracy, Trump is a know cheater, but, you know, both sides, the Roberts Court took a side.

Institutionally the Roberts court is shielded with maddening impunity. Yes, a Supreme Court Justice can be impeached, but it’s the same mechanism for Presidential impeachment, a House majority and 67 Senate votes. Even if we had 67 Senate Democrats the idea is laughable, politicians like Dianne Feinstein and Joe Biden are totally incapable of such ruthless partisan action that causes so much trouble and makes Republicans so angry.

Desperate citizens who plainly see the threat to Democracy have floated the idea of expanding the Supreme Court seats to break the Roberts quack lock. Such an evolution seems very unlikely even for 2021, and it won’t help us for the 2020 election.

There are signs the US journalism corps are willing to state the stark truth, today in the Washington Post Ashley Parker and Anne Gearan basically say the President is a lying psychopath making this awful crisis much worse. Perhaps if they used the same approach to the Roberts Court the Justices might feel some shame and sense of Democracy. It’s possible.

Again, Judicial opportunities to cheat an election are relatively rare, if Joe Biden gets 320 electoral votes the Roberts quacks won’t have a chance to steal or smash Election 2020.

I’m sorry, I don’t have an answer as to how we’re supposed to hand off the Republic to our children with a broken quack Supreme Court, sometime in future it’s just another thing to somehow fix.

For today, as always, the answer is that to give up is to lose. There’s a way out of this mess as long as we don’t give up trying to find it. Vote, donate, take solace with the company of your liberal bothers and sisters. I am never, ever giving up on the truth, the little people or the United States of America.

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