Tuesday :: Apr 21, 2020

A Wandering Country With A Smashed Presidency

by paradox

To even get a start on getting out of this covid-19 horror show the United States needs a reliable, standard, efficient test method, and it’s plain lunacy to think our States can come up with the solution quickly, that’s impossible.

We absolutely must have Federal leadership for that test choice implementation. Just as we must have Federal leadership for re-opening, oh my god, this I’m-a-dictator-now-I’m-helpless feces show put on last week can never work.

There is no way to fake or distract out of this screaming leadership need, now Trump wants to ban all immigration. So? He can’t do his job so he’s trying to distract us with something outrageous again, this has nothing to do with a testing and re-opening strategy, that’s all he should be doing.

Hello? The Presidency of the United States is completely smashed and dysfunctional under Trump, it cannot and will not function for critical needs and decisions that have to be made now.

Life is rarely static, you’re either moving forward with increasingly better steps, or going backward in further regression. The smashed presidency of Trump of course isn’t just sitting there in benign do-nothingness, the precise factors that wrecked it are now actively making it worse, like fostering insurrection after completely blowing it with a totally critical decision.

There are no good specialists or administrators to turn to, no one will work for Trump (our Navy is in trouble with covid-19 but there is no Secretary of the Navy) and those that do are useless quack sycophants.

We absolutely must have a functioning Executive Branch and we simply don’t. This is why I’ve been frantically trying any resignation scenario for Trump over the weekend, at least a placeholder President wouldn’t foster insurrection and would listen to science.

Well, now what? Welcome to what I call The Abyss, you’re at a critical life juncture, something has gone terribly wrong, and a set of bad decisions and circumstance chucks you over the edge into the black water, you’re hurtling down fast with no control whatsoever, completely trying it react in the moment to terrible blows as you tumble down.

You’re in the dark, there is no way to predict what will happen next, and there sure as hell is no way to see the bottom. Fear and hurt are your constant handmaidens along with the terrible pain of the blows as you tumble down. Finally, one day after an excruciating smash of regression circumstances just land you with a splat at the bottom.

Can you come back from that? In theory, but parts of your life are tragically lost forever and what you can get back is never really what it could or should have been.

To see how this works, we’ve given the Class of 2020 a second depression for the start of their lives, how are they supposed to build a life and a career in all this mess? Some eventually can and will, but I’m extremely sad to say for the Classes of 20-25 it appears we’ll give them an American experience that wasn’t half of what it could have been.

It’s Tuesday, April 21st, 2020. What’s going to happen today to help us from the Presidency? Nothing. Will anything happen for the rest of this term to help? No, Trump cannot do it, he’s incapable and is going to smash us further back.

If I had to guess the splat at the bottom in the abyss will finally occur January 20th, 2021, when President Biden is sworn in. Only then with a healthy functioning President will we start to move out of this.

In my little house total disaster contingency plans have been set up, I know what the very worst could happen is, what we’re going to lose if it does and what we’ll be left with. It’s a bad story but we’ll be alive, not hungry or on the street and have health care.

What’s going to happen to our people who lost their jobs and health care and can’t make rent May 1st? We don’t know, no one does, but in our current rules and environment that’s a setup for a total horror show of homelessness, hunger, disease, and eventual rage.

Welcome to the abyss. In all the tumbling bewilderment and horrible pain keep the faith, there will be a bad splat someday and another chance for a real country—under President Biden. Vote the Republicans out of office, everywhere, all they can be trusted for is kissing ass to fascism while the bodies get stacked in the morgue.

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