Friday :: Apr 24, 2020

8 Months, 26 Days of Continued American Regression

by paradox

“It is INSANE that national testing is being framed as a concession to Congressional Democrats,” Ezra Klein incredulously tweeted Wednesday. Well, yes, the President is obviously mentally sick and ill to a high degree, of course his policies and tactics would be equally psychotic.

The stupid, ridiculous lunge to somehow make House Democrats as protagonists to national covid-19 testing naturally is trying to somehow obscure an even greater conflagration of insanity, the fantasy that somehow the States themselves can handle covid-19 testing as a critical step to re-opening the economy.

Oh my god, all right, I will precisely codify why State testing can never work, I simply can’t believe this is necessary or that the brain splat of State testing mental diarrhea came from a President of the United States.

We have a national issue of re-opening the economy that can only be resolved by testing, why on Earth spin that evolution 50 different times? The waste of money and time are simply untenable, huge technical and distribution challenges exist that only the Federal government has the resources for, plus the leverage in pricing available.

Please, say California does a great job at testing but Idaho does not. Since it’s one singular country of course California would have to wait until Idaho gets it together, this can never, ever work, citizens increasingly desperate to get back to work have to know nothing is happening, there has been zero progress the last 60 days because the President just gave up.

He should have been put in a bathrobe and on medication the instant he gave up on national testing, that’s how serious the mental and responsibility lapse is here.[1]

Where is the prescription for lithium and barbiturates, it had to have happened with the decision that not only testing was to be handled by the States, but general re-entry too? Simply look at the gross stupidity and criminal negligence occurring in Georgia right now to know how sick that decision was.

Obviously that never happened, thus we get the searing embarrassment and psychosis of the President prescribing injected Lysol into your vein to cure a virus. Shocking, isn’t it?

The mental health community has an ironclad rule of not diagnosing from a distance, Bandy Lee of Yale has been frantically trying to change it but there can’t be an official diagnosis, all right.

Elected Federal and State officials cannot plainly say the President is an incompetent psycho, leadership duty to their people forbids it, fine.

Huge professional and ethical concerns stop our so-timid journalists from stating the obvious sick Presidential insanity, okay.

However, for the little people watching this lying criminal combover babble on about Lysol in your veins there’s only one instant observation, the guy is as nuts as a Planter’s Peanut jar, the pressure got to him.

Besides the queasy fear that arrives with this answer is a question of growing horror, nobody says the President is sick but he so is, how are we ever going to get out of this?

Words could never represent the true magnitude of how eff you see kay fucked we are as a country and people right now. As David Frum wrote weeks ago Trump is completely, totally trapped, the President and federal government must perform the testing and re-opening evolutions for recovery, there is no other option, none.

As long as Trump is President we’re never getting out of this in any recovery, so expect a series of smashing tumbling events through a void of zero control in a horribly black abyss of unknowns.

Real leadership aspires to the best in us and holds very firm the ethical and moral fabrics that bind us as a people.[2] Since Trump is a criminal mental patient expect incompetent Governors to crack from the crisis pressure and fail in the leadership void like that idiot in Georgia. There’s nothing the little people can do, but at least we won’t be surprised.

Plan and accept total disaster contingency plans, understand the worst that could happen and work up the backups, be they financial, food storage, familial, do it, we’re in for some terrible times.

I just horrified some economists, please don’t tamp down consumer spending and confidence. The President is a lying criminal Lysol vein psycho, only Joe Biden can restore critical confidence in the Presidency and economy again. Around 8 months, 26 days.
If Mitch McConnell so stupidly and cruelly gets his way expect gutted State and local governments to significantly fail, trash in streets, gutted police departments and huge increases in crime, many ripped off little people who have been lied to so many times by a crook President will just give up on the rules.

I am so terribly sorry, the Republicans enabled that impeached psycho criminal and now we’re in for years of misery and tumbling regression. There can be no other outcome.

[1] I have maintained Trump gave up on testing with base incompetence, he cannot sit at a desk and work for 2 hours, let alone the 12 necessary for crisis leadership. Other writers like Amanda Marcotte state Trump is in a horrifying act of mental immaturity by trying to the hide of the truth of American lives lost. [shrugs] Whatever the reason the result is the same, stupefying inaction and gross dereliction of duty.

[2] “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Of course there’s a simple useful mental logic here, but what Roosevelt was saying is that he wasn’t going to use fear as a weapon, he would never goad or manipulate the little people with fear tactics, that’s what fascists do.

I apologize for getting long at 820 words with footnotes, usually I’m pretty good at keeping a reader around for no more than 750 words, but with so many at home folks have more time to read. Right?

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