Wednesday :: Jun 10, 2020

The Federal Judicial Branch Needs Reform Too

by paradox

Very likely sometime next week the Supreme Court will render its combined judgment on President Trump’s various tax return cases, an occasion more than a few political junkies and court watchers view with growing dread, for it’s totally within the realm of possibility the Court will quack it again, an awful twist of fact, law and reality to enable President Trump and the Republicans.

Another part of the judiciary busted and inflicting great harm, the truth hidden in a ruthless power grab so the status quo of lying and injustice can be kept in place. After everything that’s gone with local policing and the ensuing uproar here would be another middle finger to the little people, the truth and justice only for those who can afford it.

Of course the judgment on President Trump’s taxes arrives next week, but for serious court watcher and journalist Linda Greenhouse the complete point of no return for the Supreme Court occurred last week, after enough quacks, lurid rationalizations and denial of reality she completely knows the court is busted, a useless, offensive appendage of rank authoritarian power.

Interestingly the evolution she cites—a frantic attempt to re-open churches in defiance of California state authority—actually came down on the correct side of truth and justice, but the dissent of Justice Kavanaugh simply flipped her out, enough is enough, this clown cannot discern the meaning and word of “discrimination” and three justices went along with it.

By the way, why is it the quacks on the Supreme Court reflexively back up church authority and positions? Because most churches and the Republican Party are very much the same, rank power hierarchies of men using superstition, fear and fantasy to control behavior, churches and religion have been useful allies in the past to Republicans and could be again.

Anyway, laser attention and power is now being applied to local police reform but unfortunately a huge reform evolution is necessary at the federal level too, that can only be accomplished with a unified Democratic Congress and President Biden sworn in next January—plus the compete abolition of the Senate filibuster.

In theory. As we know, not only is the Supreme Court broken, President Trump and Senate Republicans (after brutally obstructing President Obama on it) have stuffed the federal judiciary with every quack they could find, in a huge way they’ve already broken the country, along with the incredibly daunting list of issues to fix next this must be added.

Forgive me for being cynical on the Democratic Party and President Biden action on this, not only are there many screaming immediate problems to fix in 2020, but taking on the Republicans for a judicial and political fight in an off-year for judicial reform seems way, way beyond those timid whipped souls.

Don’t look at me like that, either, Democrats and Nancy Pelosi were the ones who just sat there and let the Russians rig election 2016, oh well, if Robert Mueller can’t be our savior we’ll just bleat around in weakness and oblivion so Trump can do it again with Ukraine.

Perhaps continued relentless public pressure for local judicial reform, a smasher tsunami 2019 Democratic Party victory that delivers a unified government and continued public pressure for justice could move President Biden and Party to reform the Supreme Court and judicial branch. It’s as obvious as sunlight the Democrats themselves should see the problem and need no pressure at all to act but, well…[sigh].

Most reform ideas for the Court and judicial branch simply mean adding to the number of sitting judges, then appointing more real justices so the quack majority can’t have power. In theory justices can be impeached, but please, that’s never happening in the American ethos of power and the Democratic Party, heh, they couldn’t confront Russian interference in a Presidential election.

Perhaps a searing slap in the face with a judgment against them and the country on Trump’s taxes could motivate them, along with a unified government in 2020. I’m in trouble with my people again for being hard on the Democrats but I dread a 2020 unified Democratic victory that seals in so much of the status quo yet again, the economy and corona virus and militarism and climate change urgent problems that will take up so much energy to solve, our busted judicial branch crippling us whenever they can.

Reform the Supreme Court and judicial branch, start in 2020, it cannot be ignored.

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