Tuesday :: Jul 28, 2020

One Small Thing for the Democracy Every Day

by paradox

One of the worst aspects of the Trump Term—so it will soon be officially classified—is the hurricane of events and lies that can so easily beat a person down, so many elements of American society have failed to produce this daily mayhem of insanity that one could rationally just give up, even when that’s rejected there’s this constant creepy feeling of being unmoored, of moving through a fluid time when something could blow up out of nowhere.

Yes of course to give up means failure, naturally we will never do so, but for the little people what does that really mean? Like Dana Millbank of the Washington Post exhorted us, we have long ago checked and confirmed our voter registration, we’ve talked to all our people to make sure they’re registered, many of us will mail ballots of Democracy in the next 60 days.

Early, to give the Post Office as much time as possible to deliver those ballots. It’s beyond infuriating to see the United States Post Office denigrated and starved all these years by the Republicans, god, is there anything sacred about America they can’t take a dump on? The Post Office is not performing as well as it could, it still does the job fine, just don’t wait until the last minute to mail in your ballot.

Like I said Saturday I cashed out the stashed coins in the house and contributed to a Texas senate race, MJ Hegar, she’s a fine candidate. Yesterday I helped an internet writer. I don’t give a damn whatever Trump and the Republicans throw at me I’m never giving up and every day in some small way I help the Democracy so we can get out of this flaming hell.

It bothers me the last two actions required money, naturally I don’t have much of it, and the constant exhortations to give can be a trial. I do what I can in tiny amounts, I never come close to my limit, I think that’s perfectly fine for any little person when it comes to election duty.

I keep waiting for my lawn signs, but I can’t order them because Vice President Biden still hasn’t chosen his running mate. This took too long, and also horribly mimicked a Trump mannerism of teasing out some future act of wonder and decisiveness. We’re all positive Vice President Biden would never mimic President Putin in his political tactics, now aren’t we? Right?

That Democratic base, they’re not like those Grand Old Party Fox News sheep, you know? Sorry, Vice President Biden, no disrespect in the least, we just won’t sit here and shut up when you make a mistake.

The cruelty is the point, so many have aptly remarked when commenting on the latest Trump outrage. I can hardly express in words how offensive this is to me, the sick infliction of fear, the childish flouting of rules and the law that dares pushback, the pain of those afflicted, the gross self-satisfaction of a smug bully when all is done.

There are other ways to fight back other than contributing, voting and demonstration, these sick Republicans are not taking America and the United States away, they will not, and if I can’t contribute, vote or demonstrate today I can always do one small kind thing for an American today.

I could give a damn how quaint or small it seems, these are terrible times of death, lying and incompetence, anything that truly works to keep the faith is of enormous American value, I know it is.

Tomorrow I will cut some roses and give them to a grocery worker. The next day I’ll give cookies away to a neighbor to make sure they know they’re not alone. Thursday I’ll check in with an internet writer to make sure they know I’m grateful. This is not a cruel country, Lindsay Graham, not matter how hard you try.

98 days to go until Election Day. Every single day I will make sure I do one small kind thing, help Vice President Biden, help the Party, be a good liberal writer. I may be the tiniest of persons but I’m never giving up on this country.

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