Wednesday :: Sep 30, 2020

110 Days Until President Biden Normalcy

by paradox

I generally don’t like Presidential debates, I don’t think a confrontational personal format is exactly a good representation of politics, and the following political media yap is excruciating, every hack available comes out of the woodwork to yell on teevee, inevitably regressing into some pearl-clutching hissy fit.

Last night’s debate was easily one of the worst horrifying experiences I have ever had in American politics. If there was any solace at all in the mayhem it was the constant background knowledge Trump is getting smashed at the polls and is going to get crushed.

A faint trickle of sweet 1992 nostalgia wafted in over the flaming reek, we’re almost at October and in the 120 day window for Trump’s Presidency to end. Four more months! Four more months! Will soon to be the happy, fervent chant of the liberal faithful.

It’s really all a little person can do, keep your chin up and your feet moving as you somehow ignore all the mayhem around you and know very soon it’s time to vote, all these lying Republican monsters are going to find out what the real price for Trump is.

Chris Wallace got humiliated, that was something too. Not much, any sane American looks askance at Fox News and the fates of life finally delivered an ass-whupping to that propaganda chump, okay.

Something truly, really terrible has happened to our country, it’s likely we’ll get out of this but not at all certain. I’ve never felt this level of fear and dread about an upcoming election, Trump is sick, unhinged and could try anything. If there was a plain way to steal it and make it stick that criminal would do it, every American has no doubt of that.

Meantime we carry on. Part of this is maintaining my body, soon I’ll be on my 13 mile steel bike course, a route I use for my heavy blue bomber ride with $1,300 worth of electronics strapped on, it’s a fun story.

In that blessed 60 minute window when the horrid turd of American politics is not in the forefront of my brain as usual I will stop at every sign, stop at every light, be a courteous, safe rider while always being respectful to the cops, that’s very important to me.

You’d think paradox the feisty rebel, so usually flippant with the rules and authority in many things, would perhaps be a different rider but oh it’s not so. Riding is a social thing, a serious safety thing, and a real authority thing, it’s really the only time I ever really interact with the police. It’s just unthinkable to me to be disrespectful to the cops and not follow their simple easy rules on the road.

I’m a liberal who wants gasoline banned and the federal minimum wage to be $15. The federal government is a joke lead by a sociopathic traitor. I’m still a good liberal American, I do my duty, it’s the only hope we have to get out of this, be true to what we know is good in the country.

Liberals aren’t in a power grab to elect Biden or own the Republicans. We want a much better county by being good Americans, we’re going to get it.

Four more months! Four more months!

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